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LinkedIn Lite Expands to Over 60 countries, Including Nigeria and Kenya

LinkedIn has announced the launch of its LinkedIn Lite mobile web and Android app in more than 60 countries across the world to help level the playing field for all our members when it comes to accessibility.

The LinkedIn Lite, according to the company is focused on speed and simplicity. “LinkedIn Lite is a lighter, faster version of our flagship product and includes all key features such as the news feed, profile, messaging and notifications to help our members get ahead in their careers.

LinkedIn Lite loads fives times faster, regardless of the mobile device and the network it’s connected to. The Android app is less than one megabyte in size and can reduce data usage by as much as 80 percent, making it easier for every member to connect to opportunity, on-the-go and in areas of low internet connectivity.”

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The catalyst for LinkedIn Lite was a field research trip about a year ago in Nashik, India, a small city about 100 miles from Mumbai where broadband challenges prevented page loading. To address this, LinkedIn Lite was developed for mobile web and rolled out to all Indian members earlier this year with significant impact:

  • Job applications on the mobile website have quadrupled since the launch of LinkedIn Lite in India.
  • More than half of new LinkedIn members now sign up on mobile, so this has become a huge enabler for professionals in smaller cities in India to sign up and get connected.

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