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Hands on: Nokia 5 is surprisingly much better than the Flagship Nokia 6, here’s why

During the Kenyan re-launch of the Nokia brand by HMD, I got the privilege of getting some hands on time with the entire portfolio of new phones. Naturally, I spent more time with the Nokia 5 and 6 since they are the crown jewel of the company.

As I worked my way from the Nokia 3 then the 5 and lastly the 6, I realized something quite intriguing, but before I reveal my findings, let’s first run down the specs to create a foundation.

  Nokia 5 Nokia 6
Screen 5.2 inches 5.5 inches
Resolution 720p HD 1080p Full HD
CPU Snapdragon 430 Snapdragon 430
GPU Adreno 505 Adreno 505
Storage 16GB 32GB/64GB
Rear Camera 13MP


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1.12µm pixel size



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1.0µm pixel size

Front camera 8MP 8MP
Battery 3000mAh 3000mAh


As you can see, the Nokia 6 has an edge over the Nokia 5 in its specifications. The 6 comes with a bigger display which has more resolution, more pixels in the camera and more RAM; so how exactly can the 5 be better?

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Well, the CPU, GPU and battery is the same on both devices; however, since the Nokia 5 has fewer pixels to push on its display, it translates to a battery life that is much longer than that of the six. In fact, gsmarena did a battery test endurance of their own and the results speak for themselves.

The lower resolution of the Nokia 5 also makes it utilize only a small chunk of the graphics processor (GPU), the bulk of its power is left for games and other graphics intensive applications. In other words, the Nokia 5 is much smoother in gaming than the Nokia 6, loading times and frames are faster too.

Finally, at the launch, I took pictures with both phones. It was at night so low light photography was the main agenda. Apparently, the Nokia 5 has better color representation than the flagship 6. Also, if objects are moving, the flagship Nokia 6 produced blurry images due to longer exposure times, while the 5 made crisp snaps. One of the reasons for this difference in low light photography is the size of the pixels. The 5 has larger pixels than those of the 6; that is, 1.12µm vs 1.0µm respectively. More pixels equals to more light getting in hence better photos in dim conditions.

Dennis Mathu
Dennis Mathu
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