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Reasons why you should update your Android smartphone to the Nougat OS

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The Android Nougat operating system is Google’s latest OS for smartphones that run on the Android platform. The Android Nougat OS was officially released to several smartphones on August 22, 2016 (exactly a year old today). The first set of devices / smartphones to receive the Nougat update include the Google Nexus 5X, Google Nexus 6, Google Nexus 6P, Google Pixel C, General Mobile 4G and many others.

The Android Nougat was first launched as the version 7.0 in August 2016, the version 7.1.1 was released as in the form of an update approximately 4 months later (December 5, 2016). The latest version of the OS is the version 7.1.2 that was launched and released this year (June 2017).

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Every previously released update of the Nougat OS possesses its own share of unique features and capabilities. Why people do not want to utilize this features of the Nougat OS is something that is difficult to fathom. Because as at 2 months ago (June 2017), statistics had it that only 10% of the Google Play Store visitors had the Android Nougat operating system running on their devices. This definitely does not speak well of the acceptance of the Nougat OS.

While there could be many reasons why smartphones users do not want to update their OS to the latest Android Nougat, we believe that the ignorance of the numerous benefits and improvements of the Android Nougat OS is a major contributing factor to the low acceptance and usage.

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This is why this post was concocted – to highlight the numerous benefits of the Nougat OS in a bid to increase usage of the OS and also for knowledge acquisition purposes.

Let’s have a peek at the improved features of Android Nougat OS. Shall we?

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Features of Android Nougat OS

Split-screen display

Features of Android Nougat OS
Features of Android Nougat OS – Split-screen display

On the Android Nougat Operating system, users have the liberty to runs to apps and display them on the screen at the same time. In simple terms, this split-screen feature basically allows two different application occupy equally halves (length of occupancy is adjustable) of the screen.

In furtherance, hidden somewhere in the device settings is a “multi-window” option that allows users run not just two, but multiple applications all at once on the device display. However, you may not find the multi-window option in all Nougat smartphones because the feature is still in the experimental phase. Hopefully, it should be featured in the upcoming Android O.

Doze mode for improved battery life

The Doze mode helps to prolong battery life and device usage time. And how does it make this happen? Simple. The Doze mode in Android Nougat is automatically activated as soon as your device screen goes off, certain processes likewise go to sleep – they doze off! And subsequently, saves battery life!

Although the Doze mode was introduced in the Android Marshmallow OS, the Nougat doze mode is unique and improved in that physical motion of your device does not interfere or interrupt the process of dozing, unlike the Android Marshmallow.

Overhauled Notification tray

The notification tray of the Nougat OS has been completely overhauled to a more refined look and minimalistic interface; simple and plain.

When there are more than one notification, you’d notice that there are virtually no space between each notification and depending on the app notification, you can directly reply to notifications of some apps without having to open or launch the app itself.

Search button in Settings menu

When you launch your device’s settings, you would notice a search buttons at the top right corner. Just like the search button found in the file manager, the settings search button helps to navigate the settings menu faster and ensures easy access whatever it is you want to modify on your smartphone.

Quick app boot

The Android Nougat has been structured in a way that applications now launch quicker than before. As soon as your device is launched, apps boots immediately; even before you unlock your device.

Faster system update

System updates on Android Nougat smartphones will run faster and apps will optimize the update easily too. Also, update size will be relatively smaller which in turn translates to faster update time. This is one of the features of Android Nougat OS I particularly love.

Improved Data Saver

The Android Nougat OS was designed by Google in a way that prevents applications from running in the background on mobile data unless you are on WiFi network. This is a good one as background data has been known to zap users internet data.

Are you now willing to migrate to the Android Nougat OS? Let’s hear you in the comments.

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