WhatsApp adopts Facebook colourful status background in new app update

WhatsApp status coloured background

It should be recalled that back in December 2016, Facebook rolled out an update that allowed users the avenue to share whatever they’ve got on their mind on a cool, colourful, and playful background. This move by Facebook was welcomed in warm hands by millions of Facebook users all across the world. Not only was it just welcomed, a large portion of “Facebookers” quickly rushed to try it out and a large portion still uses it. You can barely scroll through your Facebook timeline without having at least one status update on a coloured background. Am I right?

Apparently, WhatsApp also had eyes for the Facebook coloured background status update and the fact that Facebook happens to be the instant messaging app parent company, I honestly see no wrong in WhatsApp copying and bringing the feature to its platform.

WhatsApp status update coloured background
WhatsApp status update coloured background

The number one instant messaging app, Whatsapp introduced the option to create status updates with customizable colourful backgrounds, numerous custom fonts and ability to add clickable website links to status updates.

WhatsApp have been testing the coloured background status update feature for a while now (report suggests early August) in the Beta stage and the feature is finally ready and stable for incorporation into the app.

WhatsApp will commence rolling out of the coloured status update feature today, August 22, 2017 and users need not download or re-install the WhatsApp messenger from the respective App store of their devices to have the have the new status update feature on their app. The new status update will be embedded automatically by WhatsApp through their servers. And how do you know if you can create colourful status updates? Easy.

For Android users, you would notice a pencil icon just at the top of the camera (or add status) icon when you swipe to the Status tab of your messenger app. Clicking this pencil icon will initiate the status creation process which allows you select preferred font style and background color.

WhatsApp status update coloured background
WhatsApp status update coloured background on Android

This new colourful status update joins the latest development from WhatsApp; the introduction of the Status tab to the desktop version of the messenger. However, while the newly introduced coloured background status update will roll out for mobile running the Android OS and iOS , desktop users will have to wait their turn to creating a coloured background status.

iOS users can locate the pencil icon on the right side of the camera icon in the status tab.

WhatsApp status update coloured background
WhatsApp status update coloured background for iOS

It is noteworthy to mention that Facebook first off copied SnapChat on the status idea, then the coloured status background and this triggered a storm of controversy all around the world and in the internet scene. The storm saw Snapchat’s CEO rain insults on Facebook founder and C.E.O, Mark Zuckerberg for lifting off ideas from her boyfriend’s app.

The WhatsApp status is fun. It added a little bit of spark, a little bit of life to the texting and messaging on the app. And now that certain spices like the coloured background, custom fonts and link inclusion have been added, it only becomes more fun.