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5 ways you can be creative with your old iPad

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The iPads are useful, but they have become too big.

When the iPad arrived in 2010, it got massive public acceptance. And as statistics has it, sales and use of the device skyrocketed as if it was destined for the heavens and wasn’t returning back to earth. But according to several study reports, and surveys, few people now use the iPad as sales and shipments of tablets in general have declined further by 3.4% in 2017.

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Fewer people are buying the iPads and people who have them before are selling and disposing theirs. However, instead of giving your iPads out or selling them, here a couple of creative ways and things you can use your old iPad for:

1. Mini Car TV

Your old iPad can be attached to the back of your car seat and loaded with enough movies or your kids favourite cartoon for entertainment. This can be achieved by purchasing different mounts and racks to which the iPad can be attached.

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2. Home surveillance camera

Is your iPad lying fallow on the shelf? Or in the wardrobe? Or it has become your kids’ play toy? Why not put it to use as a home surveillance system. There are hundreds of surveillance apps on the iOS store you can download, install and afterwards, place your iPad in a location best fit using strips or any other suitable adhesive material.

3. Mini PC

Your iPad can be converted into a Mini PC where can do most of the work you do on PC (particularly Microsoft Word and Excel).

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You can purchase a Bluetooth keyboard to complete the iPad-to-Mini PC transition.

4. Remote control

Your iPad can be creatively used as a Remote control for several electronics and appliances. Just download and install the remote control app for the specific electronic you want to control with your iPad. E.g TV remote control app, PC remote control app etc.

Electronics you can control with your iPad include: TV, PC, Home theaters, etc.

5. Electronic Reader

You can simply use your tablet to read books only. Convert it to your electronic reader (e-Reader). Download books and book apps like Newsstand or Magazines and Newspapers, Kindle, Pocket etc.

You can also download the Voice Dream Reader which helps people with reading disabilities. In case you have an old grandparent with reading problem, keep them productively occupied with your old iPad.

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