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See how you can block a person from sending you messages on Facebook

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Are you being bugged or constantly disturbed by that one friend, or enemy or stranger or aunty or uncle or one-time lover who refuses to stop sending you messages on your Facebook (messenger)? Or maybe a scammer or hacker won’t stop sending you spam messages? Well, worry no more. Help has come. You can also check out how to protect your Facebook account from being hacked.

Facebook now offers the option to block people on messenger, both on the app and on web. Although this features have been around for quite some time now, we shall be walking you through the road of blocking someone on Facebook messenger.

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But before we do that, let me state the good part about blocking someone pestering you on Facebook messenger. First off, the person will not able to send you messages anymore and in addition, won’t be able to see when you’re online or not and won’t able to call you either.

How to block messages on Facebook

Now let’s begin. We start with the mobile messenger app.

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On Facebook messenger app

  • Open the chat of the person/Facebook user you intend blocking
How to block messages on Facebook
How to block messages on Facebook Messenger
  • You should see a small letter “i” enclosed in a circle at the top right corner of the chat. That’s the chat settings
  • Click on it.
  • At the bottom of the settings list, there’s a “Block” option. Click.

  • Afterwards, you will be presented with two options to either “Block the person from sending you messages” or “Block the person on your Facebook” entirely
How to block messages on Facebook
How to block messages on Facebook Messenger
  • Choose any one you deem fit. But since the aim of this article is to block a person on your messenger, click the first option.

On Facebook Web

  • Open the chat or conversation of the person you want to stop receiving messages from
  • Click on the chat setting (indicated by a Gear⚙, right beside the call/phone icon)
How to block messages on Facebook Web
  • At the bottom of the list, find and click Block messages (located right above the “Report” button
  • A box pops up asking if you want to block the user from sending you messages.
  • Click “Block Messages”.

And that’s it. You have successfully denied a certain person the access to sending you messages on Facebook.

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To unblock a person, follow the same process as outlined above. The only difference would be the “Block” button would have been substituted with the “Unblock” button.


Image credit: Gizbot

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