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Infinix Note 4 Pro: Five reasonable features that would have made it a perfect phone

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The Note 4 Pro is the second most expensive device in the entire Infinix lineup after the mega Zero 4 Plus. It is even more expensive than the company’s standard flagship, the Zero 4. Sure, the Note 4 Pro has some merits such as the big 4500mAh battery, the beautiful metallic build, an XPen stylus and the ‘latest’ android running under 3GB RAM. However, for a phone that commands KSh 20,000, Infinix should have done more. Other brands such as Tecno have better specs for that price tag,  they include the Camon CX and the now cheaper flagship Tecno Phantom 6. As the title read, we are looking for reasonable features, those that we believe the Note 4 Pro would have offered and still maintain the same price tag.

Dual front facing speakers

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The cheapest Infinix phone for 2017 is the Smart, it packs Dirac stereo sound technology in its dual front facing speakers. Looking at the Note 4 Pro, the device has a huge screen and a similarly big battery, this setup would be perfect for media consumption. Front facing speakers with Dirac technology would have really enhanced watching movies and gaming on this phone.

Newer, faster processor

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It’s no secret that Infinix has been recycling a processor that was released almost 3 years ago. It’s time for an overhaul especially considering that the stylus pen input requires more processing power. Reviews suggest that the XNote app keeps crashing every now and then, the processor could be to blame. A Mediatek Helio P20 like the one on the just released Galaxy J7+ would be great, or if that’s too much to ask, the Helio X10 that was on the Zero 3 would be a better recycling than the Mediatek 6753 currently being used on the Note 4 Pro.

XPen slot

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That case that comes with the XPen is very huge; it already has to cover the humongous Note 4 Pro, it definitely doesn’t need to add another extra breadth on it. The XPen would have found a better home inside the Note 4 Pro itself, the same way Samsung Galaxy Note does with their stylus.

Better XPen features

The Samsung Galaxy Note series that we mentioned earlier has set the trend for pen/stylus input. Infinix could have borrowed some features there. There are many people that have always wanted to own the Samsung Galaxy Note phones but are put off by its expensive price tag, transferring some of its attractive XPen features to the Infinix Note 4 Pro would have won the hearts of more customers. One such feature would be the inclusion of searchable handwritten text, or dial-able handwritten numbers or map-able handwritten locations. Making the XNote app smart enough for a team to collaborate their project notes would also have been genius. Also we wish the Pen didn’t require charging, there are many out there that do not need it, sipping up battery from a phone is never a good thing despite how big it is.

Better camera

The Note 4 Pro recycled the same 13MP camera from last year’s Note 3. We wish Infinix would have used a better sensor, maybe a 16MP like on the cheaper Zero 4. High pixels alone do not translate to better photos, that’s why the 12MP camera from the Samsung Galaxy S8 wipes the floor with the 23MP from the Sony Xperia XZ.  Infinix would have added optical image stabilization (OIS) for more stable photos and videos, that would have been a reasonable feature that would not drive up the price like say, a dual camera implementation.

Bonus feature

Android 8.0 Oreo, yes, it has already been released to manufacturers, some phones like the Sony Xperia XZ1 launched the other day with this version installed. I know Infinix will eventually update the Note 4 Pro to Android 8.0 Oreo, but having it at launch would have added the value of this phone tremendously without affecting the price tag.


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