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Africans, acquire tech skills on these platforms for FREE

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Do you wish to horn your tech or I.T skills in one way or the other and you are somehow constrained by financial reasons and high costs of acquiring such skills? Well, worry no more, here are 2 platforms where you can learn and acquire some tech skills for free !

Google Digital Skills for Africa

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The Digital Skills for Africa is an online-based learning platform created, organised and operated by search engine giant, Google. On the Digital Skills for Africa program, you are taught basic and vital lessons on several digital topics ranging from the web, to social media, to e-commerce, SEO, e-advertising, and basic digital skills in general.

One of the best part of Google’s Digital Skills for Africa program is that training is absolutely free and there is a certificate awarded to the trainee after successful completion of the program. Of course, the certificate is not just any random piece of worthless paper. Knowledge gained from the program and the certificate can be used for job hunting in any digital marketing firm, advertising agency, e-commerce platform and basically any digital related company.

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Entire training is done on the internet (online) and it involves viewing perfectly scripted English tutorial videos for each lessons. There are 89 lessons in total and after watching each lessons, there’s a test to be taken before proceeding to the next. After completing all 89 lessons, there is an examination that you must take which comprises of questions from all lessons before being issued the certificate.

The certificate is sent to your email and is downloadable in pdf format.

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To learn more and partake in Google’s Digital Skills for Africa program, visit the official website where you can either sign up, sign in or read more about the program.


SlateCube is another platform where you can acquire knowledge on almost everything. From Coding, to App development, SEO, website creation and development, digital skills, media and public relations, carton and animation and many more.

On SlateCube, you can as well learn things that aren’t web, tech or I.T oriented like creative writing, public speaking, music, marketing, work-life balance, talent management, event planning and even anger management. There are many more courses you can enroll to study and this is one attribute to be loved about SlateCube – course diversity.

While some courses on SlateCube are free, some have to be paid for. Also, some course are free halfway and as you go further, you will be required to pay a token to complete the course.

SlateCube is available for Africans and other global individuals and like Google Digital Skills for Africa, there is a certificate awarded upon completion of any course.

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