Uber, Taxify and Lyft; the Cab Hire platforms Review in Nigeria {cont’d}


… continued from Part 1


To check the time of confirmation of a can hire, I tried hiring a taxi from the same location to the same destination on both apps. On Taxify, my order was confirmed and my designated driver was assigned to me in less than 30 seconds.

Although I have read reviews about Uber late time of confirmation of cab hire, I set out to see if there is any truth in those reviews. Alas, when I hired a came from and the same destination as I did in Taxify, it took Uber about a 90 seconds to confirm my hire and assign a driver.

Therefore, as regards confirmation time of cab hire and designation of drivers, Taxify wins the round.


This is arguably one of the most important criterion considered in picking the best cab hiring platform is the price. As a matter of fact and logic, it is the somewhat the first factor considered by majority of users when selecting a platform to hire a cab.

To determine the one with the best price between Uber and Taxify, I ordered a cab from the popular Ikeja City Mall (ICM) in Ikeja and set my destination to the Ikorodu at Ayangburen roundabout in Ikorodu.

Uber proposed a price between N1,450 to N1850 for the trip whole Taxify set the transport fee at N1480 to N2220.

Uber Cab Hire Price
Taxify Cab Hire Price

Going by the above finding, Uber wins this round.


On Taxify, you are entitled to a bonus of N3,000 whenever you refer a friend and he/she makes a first trip that is worth N2,500. On Uber, referring a friend will attract a free ride worth N500. Hold on, that’s not all Uber is offering. If you happen to own a debit card power by VISA, you are qualified to a bonus of N3,000 whenever you pay for a ride up to 5 times with your VISA card.

Picking a winner is this section is quite difficult. However, Taxify own the crown. N500 referral bonus is small compared to Taxify’s N3,000. Also, Uber’s VISA card offer only lasts till the end of 2017.


In terms of availability across the country and penetration, Taxify was available in all regions I tried ordering a cab. Uber on the other hand, gave me more “Unfortunately, Uber is currently unavailable in your area” and guess how many of such response I got from Taxify – Zero.

Unfortunately Uber, Taxify wins this round.


After comparison in under 6 categories, the cab hire kingship title goes to Taxify.

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