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Uber, Taxify and Lyft; the Cab Hire platforms Review in Nigeria

Cab hiring services is one innovation that took the world of start-up by storm as it witnessed massive acceptance and patronage in many countries all across the world. I do not have enough facts, figures or statistics to back up my next statement but I think Nigeria, if not the African country that uses cab hiring services the most, will be among the top three.

This piece therefore aims to pit three widely used cab hiring platforms (Uber, Taxify, and Lyft) against each other and see how Taxify is winning the war. Mind you, this is more like a personal review and comparison of their respective apps and not their taxi or can services.

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Upon installation of the three Cab lifting applications onto my device, I proceeded to registration. First off, the three apps required me to confirm my phone number and imputing a confirmation code sent via a text into the provided box. While registering on Uber and Taxify were totally fluid and without any hitch, Lyft found it hard confirming my number and gave me the “Please enter a valid phone number” error.

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After a couple of more meticulous trials by checking and rechecking that I provided the correct country code and phone number, I got frustrated and continued my review with only Uber and Taxify.

Registration on Uber and Taxify were pretty much fast and I actually found it hard to hand over the “Fastest registration” trophy to either of the two apps. So, it is a tie between Uber and Taxify here, and zilch for Lyft.

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Since I wasn’t able to register on Lyft (due to God-knows-why), I proceeded with the review with only Uber and Lyft.

Talking about the interface of both can hiring apps, I have got to hand it over to Uber. Upon completion of registration, I was greeted by a simple and clean interface on the Uber app. It is super basic and with only a tap on the “Where to?” box, I can conveniently order a ride in less than a minute.

Uber’s Home page
Taxify’s Home page

The interface of Taxify on the other hand is *choking”. The home dashboard has pretty much too much elements and before imputing your destination, you are carried to a whole different page (after clicking on “Price estimate” to see how much a ride to your destination costs or “Cash” to pay directly for a ride or add your card. This is strenuous as two more pages needs to be visited from the Home screen before selecting a destination. Personally, I prefer Uber’s interface where you can input your destination right on the home page and ride estimates is displayed afterwards then you can select to pay or not.

Therefore, as regards application design, simplicity and interface, Uber wins!

Read continuation HERE

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