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Here’s the easiest way to backup and restore data when upgrading to Windows 10 Creator Update

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Windows 10 Creator Update is trending right now for all the right reasons. First of all, core features such as Cortana and Microsoft Edge have been improved tremendously on top of a fresh new design language. New features have also been added as well, for instance, ransomware protection is now in-built, motion controllers support has been integrated to prepare your machine for Virtual Reality systems. The Microsoft store hasn’t been left out either, it has seen new additions such as Spotify and iTunes. The only problem is, updating to this new Windows version can be problematic, important data and files can get lost in the process.

Fortunately, we got a solution for you, it comes in the form of a software.  Best part. It’s a free data recovery software.

To upgrade to the new Windows 10 Creator Update and avoid the loss of your important data, you will first need to backup all your data in a System Image . Don’t let that word scare you, with the EaseUS  Todo Backup Free software, achieving a complete backup only takes two steps. After downloading the backup software here and installing it, you simply do as follows;

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  1. Open  ‘EaseUS  Todo Backup Free’ and click “System Backup”.

2.  Select the destination where you want your backup to be stored. Tip: The destination folder should be in a different location from the one you want to install the new Windows 10 Creator Update. Preferably put the backup in a storage media device such as Flash disk or DVD to avoid data been destroyed during update.

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Human is to error, sometimes we genuinely forget to backup our important files even during a Windows update. If this happens, worry not, we got you with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

The software recovers data that has been lost, destroyed or corrupted. It works with all sorts of files such as documents, video, photo, email and even compressed folders among others. It can recover files stored not only from the PC but also from flash disks, cameras, memory cards, iPods, servers, formatted partitions and more. In the same manner as other EaseUS products, the process of recovering has been greatly “easened” just as their name suggests.

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To recover data, you only do two simple steps after opening the ‘EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free’ software:

  1. Scan the storage device
  2. Recover desired data. You can resume recovery at a later time without the need to rescan again.

The software has paid versions that improve on the features found on the free option. In addition the paid version enables you to recover unlimited amount of data without restriction. A top tier version goes as far as allowing you to recover data even when system fails to start or crashes.

So go and grab yourself EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free (Version 11.8) and Ease US Todo Backup Free(10.8) software and update your PC to Windows 10 Creator Update without worrying about complicated backup –recovery processes as well as data loss.


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