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Bezel-less Smartphones: what’s the fuss about?

Ever since our phones and gadgets started becoming “smart”, the phone technology scene have welcomed countless number off innovations and trends. Before now, our phones used to be bigger than our hands, bulky and heavy as a brick. There was even a time our phones had antennas. The thickness of an average pencil is seven millimeters (7 mm), now our phones are becoming as thin as a pencil. Who else is impressed? I am.

A lot of trends have come and gone, while some have remained. There are so many I would have loved to list here but that’d be some other time as the focus of this piece is to try to understand the craze about the recent wave of “Bezel-less” displays hitting the smartphone world.

A bezel is the frame around the display of your phone

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Some would call it “Full-View” display, and some have nicknamed it “Edge-to-edge” display but the important question nobody is asking (as a smartphone user) is – do we really need a bezel-less phone?

Likewise, it really seem people are oblivious of the fact that at the moment, no smartphone brand have been able to pull off the “pure” bezel-less feature on any of their smartphones. Yes, many have tried – Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Essential Mobile, Leagoo, Huawei, LG, ZTE (l’d pause here, it really is a long list) and many are still trying underground, hoping to bring their supposedly bezel-less device to the world someday.

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Do we really need a bezel-less phone?, I ask again. From my angle, I believe the brands have more to gain from churning out edge-to-edge devices than the buyers. Why? It is only normal for a person’s curiosity and urge to try out new things (I have such curiosity too?) to blind out the fact a device’s functionality is way important than what the device provides aesthetically. Am I right? I could be wrong though. It all boils down to preferences.

But still, I have seen bezel-less smartphones with mediocre specifications that cost insanely way more than their counterparts with bigger and more obvious bezels but top-notch software and hardware components.

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Knowing that there is always still a little bit bezels left (which I think defies the idea of a “Full View” display) as well as increased level of screen fragility, makes me wonder what the fuss about bezel-less smartphones are.

In fact, as a matter of reality, can a smartphone without any bezel at all ever actualize? We would speak about this some other time.

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