#TechThursdayIdeas: I needed Suya in broad daylight


First, please note that Suya is a unifying factor in Nigeria (See: Jollof rice too). But it is mostly sold at night – a trend I can’t wrap my head around till today. Someone said it’s because newspapers are sold in the day, but in Nigeria, we just have a lot of theories.

So I was “jejely” sitting one afternoon with pounded yam in my belly (when I’m not Osarumen), and I just had this inner craving for Suya. Oh God! Suya in broad daylight? When the “abokis” are still preparing the meat, maybe. Bottom line is, there are very few places you can get Suya in the afternoon in Nigeria.

Please let me explain the theory behind this hype. Over here, Suya represents the “chill” part when you hear people say “Netflix and chill”. You get now? But one question. Is it only in the night people “chill”? Or does anyone NOT care about innocent people like me who wants to eat suya – not chill though – during the day?

Well, I’ve been longing for someone to launch “SuyaOnline” or “OrderSuya” but I might long for a long time. Nobody cares about me in this country. Not even JumiaFood? Saw HelloSuya but they seem NOT active for a while now. My phone call was not even answered.

Now, I want you to be truthful. Have you not been in your office, in the brightness of the day and felt the irresistible urge to eat Suya? I know you have. Still on speaking the truth, if there was an online platform to order a wrap, won’t you be happier than when Nigeria beat Brazil?

Message to everyone: You know the number of people that troop out to buy Suya every night? Some of them, like me, wish they had eaten it in the day. But no time, or means. Help us provide a means (maybe an online platform) biko, if you truly love humanity.

See you next Thursday.

Much love
– Daniel A.