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TozzaPlus launches to simplify your invoicing, payroll and accounting

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Many businesses go through the hassle of dealing with the tedious but necessary functions of invoicing, payroll, customer relations and accounting.  Fortunately, TozzaPlus has a solution for managing your books with the click of a button. Their solution combines three applications into one fully featured small business management tool. The three modules include Accounting, Payroll and CRM, they are all very easy and intuitive to use, in fact, the company says that if you can be able to send an email, then you can grasp your way around the software very fast.

TozzaPlus Accounting software

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The TozzaPlus accounting software takes care of all your invoices. It can create them, calculate taxes automatically and receive payments via MPESA, Equitel, PayPal and credit cards. It even lets you follow up on the invoicing within the software. Recurring invoices for repeat customers or transactions can also be generated.

The software goes further to let you keep track of your expenses by scanning your receipts and storing the data in the cloud at no extra cost. In case you want to make any notes or changes, the scanned copies are editable as well.

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To stay abreast with the health of your business, TozzaPlus generates reports for all sorts of transactions, for instance, profit and loss reports can be made, spending reports, expense reports, sales tax reports plus invoice detail reports.

TozzaPlus Payroll

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As the  name suggests, this section of the software deals with payroll. The software has the ability to make pay slips which have your company logo on them. It is flexible enough to accommodate all kinds of payment schedules, either hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly and so forth. Statutory deductions such as NHIF, HELB and taxes are accounted for so you do not have to handle them manually. In case you pay your employees via their bank accounts or via mobile money, TozzaPlus has those options built in. Regardles of what business payment requirements entail, the software is designed with the flexibility to fit right into it.

TozzaPlus CRM

Customer relation is the key to providing top notch customer experience. TozzaPlus CRM gives you the ability to monitor the progress of your team with real-time, minute-to-minute reports, flow charts and insights to help you make informed business decisions. If you notice something and you want to talk to your employees about it, the software has centralized place for communications, integration to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and webmail is achieved within seconds. Want to go offline? SMS is available too via network carriers which operate in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria. You can also talk to your customers and answer their questions via the software.


The best part about TozzaPlus is that their software is available in the cloud, which means that you can access it anywhere you are, all you need to do is log into www.tozzaplus.co.ke no need to download anything . The company promises that android and iOS apps are coming soon.

For first-timers, there is a generous 30-day free trial of the TozzaPlus software. After that, you can get one of three tiers which include Basic, standard and professional package. All the packages include exclusive 24/7 support, custom branded documents and free SMS credits. The other unique containments of the packages are broken down as follows.

  • Basic: Unlimited 365 days of access to Accounts, free 1000 SMS credits and a subscription cost of only Ksh 850 per month.
  • Standard: Unlimited 365 days of access to either Accounts and CRM or Accounts and Payroll. You also get free 1500 SMS credits. The package costs only Ksh 1200 per month
  • Professional : Unlimited 365 days of access to Accounts, CRM and Payroll. You get free 2000 SMS credits. This ultimate package costs only Ksh 1750 per month.

So, don’t wait up, go ahead and try it out and drastically simplify the management of your business today, sign up here and get started.




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