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MyKOKO app quick review; cooking the future way.

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KOKO networks introduced their Smartcook in Nairobi, it uses ethanol instead of traditional fuels. The company has gone ahead to release an app to ease the process of buying a stove, purchasing KOKO credit as well as spreading the Smartcook technology to friends and family. Here’s an inside look of the app and its functionality.

Design and interface

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Home page has three easily accessible tabs

The interface is a beautiful mix of white background and blur font. The blue is much deeper than the one on the Facebook app. The app has three main tabs; Home, Buy stove and About section, there are all located on the bottom for easy accessibility. This setup is much reachable using one-hand operation than the one of sliding side menus. The Buy stove section seems to take the centre stage, with a conspicuous blue and yellow flame icon.


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Setting up an account requires a PIN

When you first open the app after installing, you are prompted to sign up using your phone number. Your app is protected by a PIN like you do on some betting sites, instead of a password. Once you finish the registration process, you get logged in permanently, that is, you will not be prompted to enter your login details again unless you intentionally logged out on your last session.

Order a stove link on homepage

The home page tab gives you an “Order a stove” link which will take you to the second tab. Below that link is a summary of your account, it contains your balance, an option to ‘Top Up’ which takes you directly to your SIM toolkit MPESA menu. There is also a feature that lets you share your KOKO credits with a person via their phone number with no sending charges incurred. The home page also lets you view all your transactions on a well-made statement. Finally you can earn money by money by inviting friends to buy a SmartCook stove; it can earn you up to KShs 250 per referral.

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Sample of statements generated

Speaking of buying, the myKOKO app has the ability to purchase a stove within the interface on the second tab.

You can buy a stove within the app’s middle tab

Stoves are available in two colors; brilliant blue and great green. They both look amazing in my opinion, but I wish there was a black or grey option for kitchens that are not heavy on color. A stove goes for KSh. 4,500. After entering your location details, you confirm the order and wait for shipment. It seems you can only get delivery within Nairobi only- which makes sense since the KOKOpoints (ethanol refilling locations) are only found there.

About+ help section found on the last tab

The last tab shows your account details and customer care links. You can get technical support via SMS (20531) or via email ([email protected]). This last tab also has the option for logging out in case you want to protect your app.

So there you have it. KOKOpoints are going to be all over the country soon, the myKOKO app could soon be a household name. Grab it at playstore over here and join the smart cooking means of the future, now.

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