LEAK: Google’s upcoming smart file manager app. We have the APK and screenshots


For those who have been using Android from the days of yore, you must have noticed that stock versions did not come with a file manager; you had to download one from the play store or have the device manufacturer preload it for you. It seems Google had a change of heart, they are planning to have their own version of a file manager app that – like all things Google- will be smarter  and effortlessly intuitive than most alternatives out there.

The app will be called Files Go, it will complete Google’s objective of having a stock version of all essential apps in the Android OS (they already have an app for all basics including camera, messenger, calendar, photos, notes via Keep even cloud storage via Google Drive). The new app jumped the gun and briefly made its way to the play store; hawk-eyed users grabbed it before it got pulled. Looking at the apk and the subsequent screenshots, it seems the work on the app isn’t done since some file management functions such as copy and pasting, zip/unzip are still missing.

Despite that, there are some smart features built in, for instance, the app uses the cards interface to suggest some data you can delete to make extra space such as app cache, large files, duplicate files and junk media. It even tells you how much space you will create by deleting those categorized files.

There is a send and receive files feature that uses your wifi-hotspot, the same way the popular Xender app does.

Finally, the app can tell you which apps you haven’t used in the last 30 days so that you can delete them in case you no longer need them, smart right!

So let’s hope that Google will release it soon, when that happens, we will be sure to notify you so keep checking TechMoran for that info. In the meantime, you can check out the APK over here.