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Alosab lets you rent an Apartment, Office Space and even Shops in Nigeria

by James Musoba
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Alosab a recently launched startup in Nigeria has made it easy for anyone looking to rent a place to live, run and operate a business and even rent a space in a shop. As it is cumbersome and time consuming to move around looking for the right apartments to live, Nigerians can now rent their desired houses at the comfort of wherever they are.

Students can rent the neighbourhood of their choice through the company’s website which has been made possible with the partnerships Alosab has established with landlords and property owners. Students can therefore book houses that are close to their campuses and save a good sum of money with the costs coming with having to commute to campus premises from a far neighbourhood.

Entrepreneurs and seasoned professions will also enjoy the benefits Alosab has created by providing a platform where they can look for a ready work space within their desired business district and event centers in the Alosab’s pre-approved locations at their convenience.

To the visitors and tourists visiting Nigeria, they can now find secured vacation rental homes and save themselves the hassle of having to look for a home in diaspora. Families can find privately owned homes that would suit their stay in Nigeria. Currently, Alosab has over 300 monthly users, with the self-funded startup is on the lookout for investors.

The procedure on how to book your rental is quite simple and can be done through the company website. Anyone needing the service is required to place a request on the platform and put the necessary details such as name, number and neighbourhood. After that the customer service team from Alosab calls to confirm that the details are correct and the request made is genuine. Lastly, clients agree with the company on the type of home or office space needed and then Alosab begins its work to search for the needed property.

Alosab also provides moving and relocation services in the pre-approved locations to help clients move-out from their old apartments and move-in to a new apartment.


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