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Girly.ng launches co-working space for female entrepreneurs in Nigeria


According to a World Bank report, the rate of female entrepreneurship in Africa is higher than any other region in the world. Some other reports also put Nigeria on the map when female entrepreneurship is discussed. This emphasizes the more reason why innovations and products should be launched to accommodate the growing pool of female entrepreneurs amidst us.

Asides some very few programs like the She Leads Africa (SLA), there are none others that gives a nod to the rise of females in business. While this isn’t supposed to be so, it is how we have found it, and it isn’t cool at all.

In the entrepreneurship world, there seem to be a general focus on the men. While they should be acknowledged, we also believe the women deserve as much, probably more support and acknowledgement. This could have been the propelling factor behind building Girly as a community.

Girly.ng co-working space

Girly is an affordable coworking space where entrepreneurial women can create and collaborate in a professional environment. Far more than a convenient and well equipped workspace, Girly meets the unique needs of female entrepreneurs by connecting them to other business expert, access to educational workshops, mentorship and visibility within the business community.

In simple terms, it is a co-working community designed for female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and connect with other women. Need I also mention that it is also very affordable too?

Signing up with the community now will get you on the waiting list to enjoy 20% discount on offered services. We really anticipate this new hub, aimed to launch in January to help, support and allow entrepreneurial women achieve their potentials, while also discovering new ones.

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