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This new startup wants to help job seekers & freelancers access job opportunities easily in Nigeria

by Emmanuel Temidayo
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With the introduction of technology, job search and recruitment process have been made a lot easier. There are currently a number of platforms online trying to solve the problem of the increasing number of unemployed graduates in Nigeria and how they access the right jobs. platforms like,, and of recently jobunitypro.

Founded in December 2017 by Weje Praise,  a software developer, graphic designer ,music producer and entrepreneur, a graduate of computer science from Covenant University and has a diploma in leadership, JobUnityPro aims to bridge the gap between job seekers, employers and skilled individuals.

With Jobunitypro an individual who possesses valuable skill can search for projects listed by organizations and individuals and upon completion of the project, they get paid.
Job Unity Pro lets organizations post vacancies in which job seekers can apply accordingly and also lets organizations manage job applications easily. Job Unity Pro allows you build a professional profile in order to be patronized by companies and individuals.


According to Waje Praise, “In an effort to reduce unemployment rate and increase productivity of young graduates in Nigeria, I was inspired to create a unified platform which brought about JobUnityPro. After observing the digital world, it was evident to me that Africa is lacking behind in terms of technological developments and this gap continues to increases on a yearly  basis . I have great passion for providing sustainable solutions in order to tackle many challenges across various sectors. the aims of this platform is to connect job seeking Nigerians to jobs, employers to job seekers and freelancers to projects”.

JobUnityPro platform was designed and built to cater for three types of users in mind; job seekers, freelancers and employers of labour.
Job seekers are allowed to sign up on the online platform and based on their qualifications, JobUnityPro automatically shows job listings which matches the user’s qualifications. This connects the job seeker to relevant jobs opportunities. Job seekers are also exposed to projects in which they can negotiate on in order to earn extra income.

Freelancers also sign up on the JobUnityPro platform and are able to find projects they are interested. After a freelancer finds a project he is interested in, they are allowed to then bid for the project. If the freelancer is awarded the project he is notified so the project work can commence and upon completion, the freelancer is paid by the project sponsor.

Employer can also sign up on the platform and are able to post job vacancies and projects works. JobUnityPro provides recruitment tools that helps employers manage and track jobs or project posts. This makes it easier and more flexible for employers to get the best hands they will need to drive growth within their organization.

Praise adds that “the “platform is free for users to use at the moment. Although, in the near future, JobUnityPro platform would make use of unity coins which are virtual tokens users can purchase in order to make use of certain features on the platform”.

Unlike most job website platforms that focus mainly on two types of users, such as job seekers and employers, JobUnityPro platform provides an opportunity for freelancers who possess skills and search for regular projects posted by organizations or individuals to work on and earn money. This in turn provides organizations with two options, post a job vacancy and also outsource a project. This helps organizations to execute projects faster and also provides a means of income for freelancers.


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