Home Startups How Domore.ng is connecting professional building contractors to clients in Nigeria

How Domore.ng is connecting professional building contractors to clients in Nigeria

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I guess we all know how doing a home or office repair project like kitchen remodeling, roof repairs, plumbing work or building a new house can be frustrating and painful, owing to the fact that there is no proper source of evaluating projects, getting accurate project costs, and finding qualified professionals.

A lot of Nigerians get frustrated dealing with contractors, asides the fact that a good number of them lack professionalism, clients are easily cheated with inflated project costs and clients can barely evaluate the quality of their works.

Domore.ng is offering solutions to these problems by giving out information on home projects and enabling transparency for everyone to know the best professionals that have done a particular kind of projects, at precise cost, for neighbors or similar homes.

Domore.ng, founded by Ephraim Anierobi and launched on November 30th 2017, is a platform that connects professional building contractors with clients looking for qualified professionals easily.

Services listed by contractors on Domore.ng includes home and office renovations, roof repairs, kitchen remodeling, painting, plumbing work and building a new apartment.
Users have the option of signing up as a contractor or client. clients are allowed to request for projects by filling a form on the website, contractors apply for those projects and get selected based on their performance history. Clients can also discuss everything relating to what they want to do, get pictures and full details of previous projects by the professional and get precise cost.

According to Ephraim Anierobi,  “this is just the start for donors.ng, we are committed to adding tools and information to make it easy for everyone to build, improve and maintain their homes based on their priorities”

wesabi.com is a known competitor in that market.  We’ll wait and see how Domore.ng is able to carve a niche for itself and gain traction in the process.


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