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Meet TechWheel; A Tech Community Investing in Human Development

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According to the founders of Techwheel, we are mostly fooled with wrong data, and statistics of the number of young people that are technologically inclined. There lies a dire need to go the the field and actually cross check these facts. With this ideology, it is pertinent that we develop systems which will produce technology disruptors.

Techwheel is an emerging tech-related organization providing training and guidance to individuals interested in building tech-related products/companies. This would be done via collaboration with organized bodies and top notch personnel in the tech space as resource persons or mentors.

The pioneers and volunteers have decided to invest more in building a tech community that will give back to developing as many young people as possible, in different technology inclined skills. While also providing platforms with which they will survive and compete globally.

According to David Obi, Co-founder TechWheel, and also a security expert at Appzone, “As Africans, we need to invest in ourselves. And in doing these, we really do not need to have the best credit balance in our bank.”

Currently, the organization is in bed with Mountain of Fire Ministry Church Headquarters to organize an 8-weeks long training program for the youths, which would be focused on Mobile and Web development. Their programmes are steered by respected personnel as either resource persons or mentors.

According to one of the volunteers, Alikwe Ortega, “What makes our approaches and executions different is the caliber of team members we are working with.” TechWheel is constituted with experienced techies from various corners of the science and tech industry who are guided by world-class practices.

They are looking for partners to join them in building this future together. To keep in touch, either follow them on social media or visit their website and subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates.

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