Meet Faraja Nyalandu Founder of Shule Direct, a Tanzanian Edtech Startup


It is a fact that whenever women start something in tech it is mostly an empowering program.

Faraja Nyandulu is the founder of Shule Direct a Tanzanian edtech startup that is meant to transform the Tanzanian education sector. Most students do not have the option of having WIFI or even have enough money for daily bundles, so Faraja and her team launched a new product known as MAKINI SMS under Shule Direct. It is an SMS learning and revision platform for Secondary School students in Tanzania which would be accessible via all types of phones.

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MAKINI SMS has everything a student would get from a normal class session.

For starters, it offers short lessons and Multiple Choice Quiz Questions covering nine subjects based on the official national syllabus for Form I to Form IV. It also offers most subjects including Civics and Kiswahili, Faraja stated that she was inspired by the fact that the education system lacked enough qualified teachers or even resources. Students suffer from the unrest in the education sector but clearly startups like Shule Direct are creating opportunities that make sure every child has the opportunity to do better.

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With this startup, students have been connected to qualified teachers and have been able to get a better quality education that will help them do better in school. We need more people like Faraja.