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This Is Why You Need To Stop Using Pregnancy Apps For Your Own Safety

by Vanessa Waithera
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Pregnancy apps are common nowadays and so is Google for all new mothers.

However, recently there has been a huge disclaimer against pregnancy apps because they appear to be dangerous. The apps usually allow mothers to log in information about their journey while the app gives you information about pregnancy Unfortunately, any information can be added to an app. It’s not always correct, and it can even be dangerous.

One popular app known as period Tracker App has been spreading false dangerous information. The Period Tracker app is designed to help women monitor their cycles so they can pinpoint ovulation in hopes of conceiving. Once they conceive, the app provides week by week pregnancy information. The app was seen as dangerous when it mentioned that on the 35th week it’s normal for baby’s movements slow down towards the end of pregnancy.

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The information was found to be very misleading.

Every baby is unique and therefore their movement patterns can vary. Some babies are incredibly active and nearly every movement is felt by the mother. Other babies are a bit more mellow, or their movements aren’t always felt. However, your baby’s individual pattern shouldn’t change during the end of pregnancy. If your baby is moving less, it can be a sign baby is unwell. It is advised that any change in baby’s movement, including at the end of pregnancy should be reported to your midwife or doctor.

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The main concern is that some things that app recommends have not been repeated by professionals.

At the end of the day you should get your advice from a qualified practitioner and not just anyone. Google and apps are not meant to be your main source of help when you’re pregnant.

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