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5 Safety Rules For Women In Online Dating

by Vanessa Waithera
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In the era of tinder and other online dating apps it’s hard to know how safe online dating really is.

You’re talking to a total strange that you have never met which just means it’s easier to get duped. There are many fraudsters especially in the Kenyan online community, ranging from stalkers to rapists, so you really have to be careful with these online tips.

1. Check your facts

It’s okay to Google someone you’ve just met online. If you met over Facebook, use Google’s “search by image” feature to check for multiple Facebook profiles using the same photo. If the person messaging you isn’t the only person claiming to have his face, you know you’re likely looking at a fake account.

2. Have good privacy settings

I mean very good privacy settings, don’t be an open book. Have privacy settings in place and be careful to not divulge too much personal information about yourself. Don’t send photos of yourself to someone you barely know, you never know what they will do with your pics.

3. Meet in a public place

You can start with skype just to verify that the person is real then move on to meeting but in a public place. You can get a group of friends to come and sit in the same place as you guys just for safety.

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4. Don’t be in a hurry

Beware of premature declarations of love or requests for sexy photos from your online crush. Don’t fall too fast for someone you’ve never met. You don’t know who you’re actually falling for.

5. Tell someone about your online dates

Always tell your friends if you’re in an online relationship of any kind. If you’re meeting him it’s best to let someone know and tell your friend which online app they may be using to get these dates just for safety.

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