4 Best Online Female Food Bloggers In Kenya


We all know that food is life.

Blogging has become a way of life and many people have used it as a way of sharing their interests and what they are good at. There was a time food was not really a big deal in the Kenyan culture but these food bloggers have made it an industry. They have the best recipes, Kenyan food and for most of them, their full-time jobs include cooking. These are the best food bloggers in Kenya.

1. Pika chakula

The Blog has won in the Best Food Category of Kenya’s Blogger Awards 2 years in a row. Although the founder Rajan Solanki was a casualty of the Westgate Attacks where he lost his life, the co-Founder. The site was launched on 9th May 2011 with the aim of improving skills in the kitchen. “Pika Chakula” is a Swahili word that directly translates to “cook food”. We showcase various different types of recipes from around the world ranging from Kenyan cuisines, Tanzanian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian & loads more.

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2. Kaluhi kitchen 

Kaluhi’s Kitchen is a Kenyan food blog, for the everyday Kenyan. The blog usually inspires people to plan for meals, cook, eat, and share their food. The blog shows you just how fun and easy cooking can be.  It will help you build your kitchen confidence, encourage brilliant cooking, and inspire you to share laughs over a fantastic meal. Rather than just putting food on the table, make cooking can be a greater experience.

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3. Jikoni magic

Jikoni magic has the most realistic approach when it comes to food. She can teach you how to cook cabbage to a lasagna which means she reaches a bigger audience most of the time.

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4. Fauzi’a kitchen

Fauzi’as kitchen is one of the most relateable platforms in Kenya. The site is owned by two ladies who share the same name but different spellings. They have recipes from all over the world and have become popular because you can literally follow their recipes.

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