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Meet The Woman Who Is Connecting The Nigerian Elderly To Professional Caregivers Using Technology

by Vanessa Waithera
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In Africa getting adequate help for the elderly is quite a challenge.

Many people fear to leave their loved ones with caregivers because they are usually underqualified. Many families end up complaining that when they leave elderly people in homes they tend to be mistreated. However, Chika Madubuko is changing that with her company, Greymate care. Greymate care has an online platform that connects specialist carers to those in need of care, giving both patients and families the peace of mind they are looking for.

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While we may have figured out how to move around and get food delivered to our doorsteps, we haven’t really done enough to make technology useful.

Greymate Care is the uber for home care. It is the online platform that connects the elderly to a vetted and insured caregiver/doctor/nurse at the click of a button. They take the stress of care off busy professionals using technology. Greymate Care not only solves the problem of finding a companion right in the comfort of one’s home but they also have the potential of providing 10,000 jobs within Africa.

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So what inspired Chika to start this company?

Every startup has a story behind it and as for Chika her company was started as a result of a highly personal experience. They found it difficult to find someone to provide care during the last days of her diabetic grandmother. At a point, they took turns in the family to spend time with her and this made their school work and jobs suffer. Even when they opted for a paid caregiver, there was no regulated marketplace and they were worried about the quality of the caregivers they found as none of them was background checked or trained. She eventually lived the rest of her life with less care and attention than she truly deserved. She decided to solve this problem for other families by getting some training in the UK and started Greymate Care in Nigeria.

Obviously, the reason why anyone would use this platform is rather obvious.

For starters, who wouldn’t want their loved ones with caregivers that are actually qualified? Greymate Care differentiates itself from other home care services due to their highly mechanised processes and equipment as opposed to the regular manual handling methods that are currently available. They thoroughly check their caregiver’s backgrounds and make sure that they are well suited for the job.

I think this is a phenomenal woman and this is a very useful and selfless way of using technology.


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