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Huawei P30 Pro now comes with android 10 and in 2 new stylish finishes

by Feritter Owich
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Same specs on the inside; new Pixel-like finish on the outside.

Huawei Technologies has revealed a “new” redesigned P30 Pro as we await its Mate 30 launch later this month. This is a bit different from the existing P30 Pro as it comes in a two-tone matte and glossy finish. As much as the design is new, this P30 Pro also comes with Android 10 pre-installed; such a smart move for Huawei to launch a “new” device with Google’s latest Android operating system.

The announcement of this “new” Huawei P30 Pro alongside the very latest Android software took place today at IFA 2019. On the device, there will also be Huawei’s EMUI version 10, with its characteristic touch of customization.

The Huawei P30 Pro is getting two brand new colors that look very stylish and refined and the company calls them Misty Lavender and Mystic Blue, In simpler terms, the phone now comes in a gorgeous pink version and a very nice, light blue color.

The two new color choices feature a Google Pixel-style two-tone finish, also looking at the renders, it appears to have a combination of frost and glossy finishes which is somewhat similar to its budget Huawei Y9 Prime 2019.

The top third of the phone, around the camera module, has a glossy polished finish which is contrasted with a frosted, matte finish on the bottom two thirds.

This is very unique and feels original as it gives the devices a distinct character making them easy to tell apart from the already existing P30 Pro colors. The in-hand feel is also likely to be less slippery, and also far less prone to getting flooded with finger grease.

The new colors will be available to buy from 20 September. Although, I still feel like the ostentatious “Breathing Crystal” P30 variant was my favorite color variant. But for a less flashy handset, these new designs should be a good fit.

At IFA 2019 today, Huawei also launched its latest Kirin 990 chip, with a built-in 5G modem.

But just like the existing P30 Pro, these new color options will have Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor inside. The new colors will also arrive with the newest EMUI version 10 on top of the Android 10, which is a nice extra. The currently available P30 Pro models run on EMUI 9.1 and will get EMUI 10 as an update.

Apart from that, there are no further changes to these versions as they feature the same Kirin 980 chip, same camera setup with the periscope zoom camera, and the same awesome long-lasting battery.

The exact pricing or availability for this updated P30 Pro hasn’t been given, but Huawei has revealed its latest EMUI10 update (based on Android 10) which will be available in beta this month.

The Kirin 990 processor will power the new Mate 30 when it’s unveiled. Everyone is eagerly awaiting that launch as it’s certainly going to be an interesting one to watch. If you are not yet updated on why, Google revealed last month that Huawei’s Mate 30 won’t be able to ship with Google’s apps and services on board, which means the device isn’t certified for Google Play Store access. This is as a result of the ban placed on Huawei by the U.S Government. Although, we’ll find out exactly what’s going to happen when Huawei launches the Mate 30 on September 19th.

Considering the P30 Pro launched well before the Huawei ban began, these new Huawei P30 Pro colors are not in any way affected by the ban’s limits. This is notably a very smart move by Huawei to gear up some more sales of its biggest flagship device of the year without stepping on the toes of the U.S. government.

But since there are no signs showing that the ban is going away, the question remains as to what Huawei plans to do moving forward. After all, the company can’t release new colors for already existing flagships forever to keep things afloat.

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