How To Make Money As A Social Media Influencer

source: IG/Annerlisa

I used to wonder how social media influencers would make money.

Many people still don’t understand how making money by posting photos and content on social media. In simple terms, people who are known to have expertise in certain areas keep posting content about what their passionate about then the next thing they get more views then finally they might attract followers and even get commercial work. Of course it’s not as simple as a,b,c, you need to be strategic and plan your content ahead of time.

1. Digital products

Digital products are basically e-products which can be sold online.  E-products can be anything from an ebook, downloadable travel guide or workout program, to a one-page meal plan or organizational template.

2. Brand ambassador

Ever noticed some influencers keep pushing certain products? Well, they are usually paid to do that. Brand ambassadors are employed by the brand when they are naturally a good fit and align well with the brand and the target market. They are paid and sometimes given free products so that they can easily advertise their work.

3. Social media sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are usually used for short-term, in this case an inluencer is meant to incorporate the product in his/her posts. You need to develop unique imagery and promote a product

4. Affiliate marketing

This is where you sell a product and get a commission from the product you sell so it’s really about the effort you put in.Affiliate marketing is typically on a pay-per-sale, pay-per-click or pay-per-lead model.