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The importance of having access control

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There are lots of enclosures in which for security access should be restricted to unauthorized persons. From physical surveillance, thanks to the development of new technologies, access control systems through electronic devices have been passed. There are different ways to authenticate a person’s permission to access a certain area. The most common was by means of a keyboard, but other types of systems are already being generalized by proximity tags or even biometric variables, more reliable than other systems. In modern industry, everything related to an access permit is very important because any violation of it will cause disaster for the company. Thus investing in related software is recommended regardless of the price to be paid. 

There are two large groups of access control systems:

– Autonomous systems: they serve to control one or more accesses, but they are not connected to a PC, so there is no activity log. They are the simplest.
– Network access systems: in this case they are interconnected with a PC that, through a specific software, have a control and record of the inputs and outputs with data such as dates, times, etc.

Benefits of access control

To note, access control is a powerful security weapon, but it is not your only advantage. In spaces where the passage of people must be limited, it serves as a barrier to prevent unauthorized access, but example in sensitive areas of hospitals or schools. It also allows controlling the entrances and exits of authorized personnel, so that schedules and their relationship with productivity can be recorded, for example, in authorized departures for breakfast or lunch.

And not only in the pedestrian area, it should be borne in mind that access controls can be installed in places where it is possible to enter by private vehicle, such as, for example, in car parks of companies or public entities. A very particular utility of access control systems must still be taken into account. It is in those places of great affluence of public. Such a system allows the number of people entering the premises to be controlled, so that it is possible that the system will be locked when the maximum number of occupants has been reached and not unlocked until there is no free space.

All these advantages have made access control systems increasingly present in all types of sites, from companies to public buildings, sports centers, places where events are held, etc. In the form of lathes, barriers, swing doors, through card readers, fingerprints or even iris, systems to control inputs and outputs have become essential. And we must not forget that, although they offer many advantages for companies and entities that install them in economic and security matters, they also have them for people in general, who, for example, may not enter carelessly in an area that can be dangerous.

If you want to apply maximum security to your organization, access control is the last thing you want to ignore.

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