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FamiSafe: The effective virtual defender

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Every parent is concerned about their child in different ways and for different reasons. However, the main concern of every parent is their child’s safety. With the kids introduced to the virtual world, it has become extremely difficult to keep them safe.

Having an understanding of parent’s concerns, developers of UK based company called WonderShare have come up with an app called FamiSafe. This app will help you protect your child in the virtual world.

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You must be wondering how that is possible but looking it is and let us tell you how. 

Suspicious Text Alert & Cyberbullying Preventing

If your child by any chance receives inappropriate content like curses, bullying pictures or adult content. The app will notify the parent so that they can rectify the situation. 

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Real-time Location Tracking & Geo-fencing

FamiSafe app will help you keep track of your child’s location at all times keeping your mind at peace. If in any case you might not be overlooking and your child enters an area that you have marked unsafe by using the geofencing feature. The app will not only notify you but also put an alarm on your phone.

App Blocker & Activity Monitor

Applications and games can be addictive on the phone which can cause harm to your child’s mental health. Hence FamiSafe helps you monitor how much your child is using the app and which app they’re using. Also, with this app, you can block apps off your child’s phone which you don’t want them accessing.

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Web Content Filtering

Various websites on the internet are not child-appropriate and as they are innocent. It can have adverse effects on their mental health. FamiSafe will keep your kid away from potential online threats by blocking any unwanted or inappropriate websites with harmful content such as pornography, gambling, violence, etc.

Flexible Remote Control & Personalization Setting

Now you won’t have to take your child’s phone again and again to change the setting you can easily do it using your phone and make changes to the settings as you deem appropriate.

Even with all these amazing features, the app has flexible subscription plans which are as follows

Monthly Subscription Plan

If you opt for their monthly plan it cost only $9.99 and you can avail all their features 

Quarterly Subscription Plan

If you opt for their quarterly plan it would cost you only $19.99 which broken down into months cost only $6.66 per month

Yearly Subscription Plan

If you opt for their yearly plan it would cost you $59.99 which when broken down into months costs only $4.99 per month. 

However, if you’re still not sure about the app it offers you a free three-day trial with the help of which you can test the app and help you decide whether you want to use the app for your child’s safety or not. But I assure you once you start using it you won’t be able to help yourself  

Also to add to the multiple incentives of this app you if you use coupon code ‘SENFSOFF’ you can get a further 20% off on the subscription plans. Knee Pads.

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Karani Nyamu
Karani Nyamu
Group CEO Verve, one of the leading Software and Systems integrators in East Africa.

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