The Real Reason You Need to Automate Social Media


Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing budget? Find out how social media automation can help you kick your social media into high gear. 

Regardless of your target audience, they’re likely on social media. That’s nearly 50% of Baby Boomers, 77% of Gen X and 90% of Millennials. To a user, social media becomes whatever they want it to be: news, inspiration, staying in touch. And, increasingly, people use social media to learn about products and services they want to buy. In fact, 29% of Americans consider this the no. 1 reason for social media.

According to MSP Marketing specialist, Stuart Crawford, “With that said, building a social media presence isn’t easy. It takes significant time and effort. Learning to automate social media helps you more efficiently create a social media brand customers love.” 

Ilan Sredni, an IT support expert in West Palm Beach shares what social media automation does for your business.

Cut Labor Costs by Maximizing Efficiency

Whether you have a team of two social media specialists or 20, without social media automation, that person would be engaging in a lot of repetitive, brain-drain tasks. And that siphons off your social media marketing budget. When you automate social media, you eliminate a lot of these monotonous functions.

Technology can do it. Why put a person through that?

Let them focus on higher-level thinking activities that engage their creativity and problem-solving to make it enjoyable to come to work. People are more productive when they love what they do.

Create Consistency

Just one function of automation allows you to schedule and repeat posts (within reason) to maximize engagement. This increases productivity. That’s because instead of having a person jump from task to task, they can set aside blocks of time to create posts, campaigns and more that will run throughout the day, week, months on schedule.

Generate Brand Recognition

Today, people are overwhelmed with brand messages. But because you’ve created a consistent presence by automating social media, you stay top of mind. People begin to recognize and trust you.

Offer Social Proof

Social proof builds instant trust with people who’ve never heard of you.

It’s not just about being on social media that can boost your business. You need to appear engaged and your following needs to appear involved with the brand.

We know it sounds counter-intuitive to say that automation makes you appear more engaged. But here’s the thing. When you maximize your team’s productivity by removing repetition, they have more time to interact with customers on social media in personalized and meaningful ways.

Reach Marketing Goals Faster

You’ll reach your goals faster with automation. It can give one social media specialist the power of 10. In addition to increasing social media engagement and following, leverage automation to deliver results that matter. One study showed that automation could increase sales by 14% and sales productivity by 12% because it’s easier to convert.

Automate Social Media with These Tools

There are so many tools that can boost your social media marketing through automation. Here are just a few, along with some of the many overlapping features.

  • Hootsuite – Schedule and automate posts across platforms from one place. Track mentions, engagement and brand sentiment. Follow hashtags and keywords to learn what people are sharing in your industry to build content around trending topics.
  • AgoraPulse – Engage with followers from the many platforms in one place. Dive into advanced social media analytics. Collaborate with team members on campaigns.
  • Buffer – Build sophisticated social media campaigns in one place. Automatically generate unique link identifiers that help you analyze social-media-generated traffic at a more granular level.

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