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7 Best Social Media Graphics You Should Use For Your Content

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These are the social media graphics you should use for your content.

If you’re still posting photos with a simple caption on them you’re doing it all wrong. To be a good content creator you need to be creative because believe it or not people know good content when they see it. If you’re consistently working on your content you will definitely attract followers and even commercial work. How do you make your content pop and look less boring? By getting the best social media graphics and actually using them.

1. Colour palettes

This design would be best when you have a business page that talks about serious topics such as career or money. Almost all beautiful Instagram accounts use colour palettes. A muted colour is a colour that has black or white added to it so that it’s the opposite of vibrant colour. This can be a really effective trend on social media especially as it can quickly be applied to your headers and images.

2. Clean social media graphics

Ever seen pages which have such a clean look? The page basically looks well arranged and not too busy with different colours at the same time. You can get involved in this trend by creating clean social media graphics, and focusing on white space in your designs.

3. Canva posts

Create canva posts for both Facebook and Instagram that will make your page look appealing. You can create quotes, articles or even create videos using canva posts which can be aesthetically pleasing on social media.

4. Brands GIFs and memes

Creating a unique, branded GIF is an easy way to get ahead of your competitors in 2020. Not only will the GIF be completely unique to you – meaning no competitors can copy it – but it also helps build a better brand association. GIFs can also be personalized for any situation, such as a follower milestone or the launch of a new campaign.

5. Abstract and Dreamy Illustrations

Illustrators are the people making the money right now. There are many online pages that are creating good illustrations, illustrators usually create content with exaggerated proportions and unusual colour combinations.

6. Heavy fonts and images

Use simple but heavy fonts that will capture people’s attention if you want to create eye-catching content use simple graphics, and will work for most brands. But to maintain a professional look make sure that only your headers and important phrases have bold, this way people can know the difference between what is important and what is not.


You can create quotes using canvas with a simple background with plain colours that will make your page pop and build your aesthetics on your social media platforms.

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