How To Promote Your YouTube Videos Organically

How do you promote your YouTube videos organically?

There’s no point of posting videos on YouTube and then no one watches them. When you post content on YouTube you’re not only looking for an audience but you’re probably hoping that you can make money while you’re there. First, you have to plan your content and think if it’s something that you can consistently post. What makes your content captivating? what makes someone want to come back and watch your videos? Once you’ve decided to do this diligently, here are the steps that will take your content to another level.

1. Optimize your video title

You need to have a good video title that can be easily found by anyone. Use the YouTube keyword research to know what people are searching. Always keep your title’s simple but catchy at the same time. To create good titles make sure they have emotional trigger words such as “best” and use your keywords at the beginning of the titles if possible.

2. Use the correct tags

You need to use the right tags to reach the right audience. In case you are not familiar with the tags on YouTube, these are the words you key in that make your video reach a larger audience. Always key in your brand name in all your tags and use Tubebuddy chrome extension to see what other tags people are using. The tags you choose should always be related to what you’re talking about.

3. Use a good thumbnail

A good video thumbnail helps you stand out in the related video and suggested video section. The thumbnail is what makes you open a video, make sure it’s a high-resolution picture, you can use apps or links such as thumbmaker to design a thumbnail. Make sure you write something catchy on the thumbnail that will make people click and watch your video.

4. Always have an outro and an outro

Have an introduction that people remember you by and the same outro as well. Your introduction should always showcase your brand, your outro should be you asking people to subscribe and you can inform them about your next videos will be about or when they can expect the next one.

5. Share your videos on other platforms

Don’t just post your videos on YouTube as they will take a longer time to gain an audience. If you are a video blogger, you should have some social media properties for your YouTube channel. This gives you an opportunity to create a community outside of YouTube & direct traffic from other popular social media/social networking channels. This gives people a chance to interact with your content and you grow communities on all platforms which is really important.

6. Start a blog

When you have a blog you can easily post your video on your article which will lead people to your YouTube page. So for example: if you’re writing about a recipe, you can post a video of you cooking that same meal, this gives people a chance to choose whether they would like to read or watch, either way, it’s a win-win.

7. Sharpen your skills

Join YouTube academy, never stop learning because to be a better content creator you need to actually invest your time and effort, it is not something that happens overnight.