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Google Rolls Out Chrome 79 with Better Password Protections

by Val Lukhanyu
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Google has rolled out Chrome version 79. The browser extension will alert users on leaked passwords.

The move is important because cyber-attacks are on the rise. The new chrome with better password protection will ensure a streamlined flow or work.

In 2018, the worldwide spending on Cybersecurity approximated to $114 billion an increase of 12.4 per cent from 2017 according to Cybersecurity Ventures market Report 2019.

However, the figures are gradually growing with businesses as the biggest targets of spending on Cybersecurity.

For instance, The largest cybersecurity budgets belong to Fortune 500 corporations, with financial institutions seemingly having the deepest pockets. In a 2018 letter to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co shareholders, The company roughly spends $600 million each year on cybersecurity up from a projected $500 million in 2016,

Companies will cut on password protection expenditures with Chrome enabled the extension.

Previously, Chrome has been warning about reused passwords once you check in on two separate browsers. The company is now rolling out away chrome can provide warnings as you log in on sites of the web.

From now on, Chrome will send notifications to users on leaked passwords and let them change to secure ones.

It will enable you to control the functionality in the sync settings in chrome and sent you warnings when your password is stolen.

Google now uses strongly hashed and encrypted copies of passwords to match them using layers of encryption.

Once you sign into a website, Chrome will send a hashed copy of your username and password.  Google will then encrypt with a secret key only known to chrome.

Google will then turn your password into a hash. A chrome algorithm that turns it into a collection of letters or numbers.

According to Forbes, The hash numbers look like for instance, 855c3497ef6299c66733. If the same password has existed in Google’s strove of previously stolen passcodes,  it will be easier for them to note a stolen password.

Chrome 79 now allows you to download a password manager. This will help you create unique passwords for each site you visit.

Alongside password warnings, Google is improving its phishing protection with a real-time option.

Until now, the company has been using a list of phishing sites that updates every 30 minutes but still, fraudsters have been quickly switching domains or hiding from Google’s crawlers.

the new and improved real-time protection will generate warnings for 30 per cent more cases of phishing.

Another thing is Chrome’s multiple profiles support. for people who use multiple profiles in Chrome or share  PC’s with others, Chrome is now equipped with a better visual indicator of what profile is currently being used to ensure the right password and profile is used.

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