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Uber Launches Teen Accounts in South Africa; Teens Get a Ride, Parents Get Peace of Mind

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South African teens aged 13-17 can now hail their own rides with Uber, thanks to the launch of Uber Teen Accounts.

This new feature prioritizes safety and parental control, giving families peace of mind when their teenagers need to get around.

Previously, Uber accounts required users to be 18 or older. Teen Accounts change that, allowing parents or guardians to set up a special Uber account for their teenager.

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Empowering Teens, Relieving Parental Stress

Teenagers crave independence, but their safety remains a top priority for parents. Uber Teen Accounts bridge this gap, allowing teens (aged 13-17) to request rides with features that keep everyone informed and secure.

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Key Features for Teen Safe Ride:

  • Requesting Rides: Teens can hail rides directly through the app, ensuring a reliable way to get around.
  • Top-Rated Drivers: Every ride is assigned to a highly-rated and experienced driver who has passed Uber’s background checks. Annual rescreening ensures continued safety.
  • Live Tracking with Destination Lock: Parents can track their teen’s location throughout the ride and receive real-time updates. For added security, the destination cannot be changed by the driver, only by the teen.

Safety Features Built-In

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  • PIN Verification: An extra layer of security – teens must provide a unique PIN to the driver before entering the car.
  • RideCheck: This feature detects trip irregularities through GPS and sensors. If a ride goes off course or ends unexpectedly, Uber will contact both the teen and driver to verify everything is okay.
  • Always-On Safety Features: Standard Uber safety features like the in-app emergency button, contacting support, and optional Audio Recording are automatically enabled on all teen accounts.

Getting Started with Teen Accounts:

Setting up a Teen Account is a simple three-step process through the Uber app:

  1. Create a Family Profile: Go to “Account” > “Family and teens.”
  2. Invite Your Teen: Select “Invite Family” > “Teen” and choose your teen’s contact information.
  3. Update Payment Details: Ensure your payment information is current before your teen’s first ride.

Once these steps are complete, your teen will receive an invitation via text and complete a mandatory safety tutorial. Then, they’ll be ready to navigate the world with newfound independence, all while keeping you informed and at ease.

Teen Accounts offer a solution for busy families where teens need some independence but parents want to ensure their safety. With features like live tracking and PIN verification, parents can relax knowing their teens are getting where they need to go securely.

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Diana Mutheu
Diana Mutheu
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