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How to write interesting stories

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Do you need your stories to be interesting? Well, here we are to find the best ways of expressing your ideas and thoughts clearly. Make up a story your readers deserve.

Are you still wondering how to make a story that can attract many readers? If so, it’s great that you are here, because you will get some useful hints and tips.

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Take Care Of Your Mood

To begin with, think about situations when your mood has ruined everything. I guess you remember all the consequences clearly. Think over irritants and boosters now. Naturally, remove all irritants: find a quiet place, eat properly if needed and drink your favourite juice.

Don’t forget about boosters that help you to concentrate: chocolate, coffee, good music, fresh air. To be brief, do whatever you need to stay in a good state of mind! This background is very important as it influences your ability to concentrate and generate new bright ideas and stories.

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How To Make Writing A Story Fascinating

1. Try to formulate your main message in two sentences.

Thus, you create a thought-starter that helps to involve people in reading your story. Make sure you understand what you really want to deliver.

2. Make up a skeleton of your story.

Write down all the points you want to enlighten your readers about. It helps to make a top-to-bottom plan and bind all your thoughts logically and harmoniously.

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3. Mind Your Language!

It isn’t just about a rude language which is obvious, it’s also about the words you use. Try to use simple language in order to help people understand better. Moreover, no one likes reading a text with a lot of long and difficult words. Clear and simple text can expand your auditory. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your text should be dry.

4. The more you know, the better you write.

Try to write about things you know. It is very hard to be convincing if you miss the point. You just simply need to read through a lot of information to be aware of the situations you want to describe. Despite this approach, you need to have a fresh eye on a situation you want to describe even though you may know almost everything about it.

It is better to write about your personal experiences if your story presupposes such things. Your experiences are true and original and no one knows how to describe them better than you. Tell your story even if it is negative. 

5. Organize your text.

If you don’t know how to write a good story, start with the modification of your writing. Don’t make paragraphs too long as it is quite hard to read a straight text. It is better to avoid long sentences because your reader may not remember their beginning. It doesn’t mean all sentences must be short. Just alternate them to make your story even more pleasant and don’t make sentences very difficult. 

6. Mind visualization

People pay attention to tables, schemes, diagrams. What is more, they adore reading well-structured lists, italic or bold texts. You can use these strategies to emphasize the words you want to be read. 

7. In black and white

It deals with all your newly born ideas, even if they sound a bit weird by now. Write them down as they may be used later on. It is a good reason to carry a tiny notebook or some sort of a scribbling pad.

You even may use a dictaphone in your phone to record your sudden ideas! Your spontaneous thoughts may become parts of a great story apart from looking for inspiration on the Internet

8. Get To The Heart!

These hints and tips can help you make up many interesting stories. No one will do this homework for you. Every next writing step makes your stories much better and these recommendations may improve them even greater. 


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