Three Celebrities to Star in New Reality TV Show Next Superstar


‘Next Superstar is the first acting reality show in Kenya launched by Pay Television Company StarTimes. The reality TV show aims to discover the best home-grown actor or actress through a series of nationwide auditions and competitions.

Three celebrities, Raymond Ofula, Neomi Ng’ang’ a and Peter Kamau will star as celebrity judges for the show. Hundreds of aspiring and established thespians and actors who have expressed interest to be the ‘Next Superstar’

The show in the form of casting builds. A platform to discover ordinary people with acting talent. For the youth to realize their dreams as professional actors or actresses while further contributing to their career and belief. It will present the opportunities for the eventual winners to participate in upcoming local and international productions.

It will present an opportunity for the raw talents who may have otherwise not had an opportunity to showcase their talents due to lack of exposure or funds to launch their productions.

The judges have been entrusted with the tough task to screen, inspire and shape the young actors to play strategic roles at the highest level of film productions. Participants will recruit their teams and compete with each other during the show.  which will broadcast on Rembo TV every Monday from 17th February at 7:20 PM. As well, it will air on Sino Drama channel on the same day from 8:00 PM.

In the first round, based on the monologue performance of all the contestants. The three judges will shortlist 24 out of 70 participants and divide them into three groups. The judges will then lead and train his or her group till the next round. After which the contestants will further face a similar shortlisting exercise.

As the reality show progresses. The judges and their groups will usher in the best six shortlisted candidates to participate in the final.

Contestants who will take up the top three positions will have the opportunity to participate in the filming of a Kenyan film. The film will feature in several Kenyan cinemas.

StarTimes Director of Content Mr Michael Mugo notes that the Pay TV platform is committed to supporting the development of local production capacities as there is a lot of potential in the country where lots of talented people are only missing an opportunity to showcase what they can do.

“We, therefore, want to give them this opportunity so here comes the Next Superstar.” Noted Mr Mugo.