How to Supercharge Growth with Social Media Giveaways


Have a look at the following stats:

  • Up to 70% growth can be boosted in the presence of social media giveaways.
  • For less than seven days, the majority of the social media giveaways run.

I am sure you will not require finding another strategy that can speed up the growth process, and the reason is that giveaways have become highly famous on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook because they work.  

Well, it is not a good thing that huge numbers of brands already have wasted the growth by failing to follow up. Definitely, with a giveaway, you can raise the follower count as well as engagement reach. However, if you need to put those figures in for the long run, then get ready for lots of effort.

Here, you will get to know everything you must do and must not do.  From ad strategy to brand safety, prepping the design to following up, social media policy to stats, it is all here. Let’s dive into it:

Design Giveaways with Right Text, Graphics, and Tags

For useful social media posts, you know that visuals are a principle element. Whether you like photos, videos, text, graphs, charts, gifs, or even animations, the right content can raise the engagement immensely.

According to a report in 2019, content including videos can smash the text or photo posts by up to 59%. Giveaway posts make it to the top 4 post types as well. So, think about how useful a video post could be with a prize giveaway and an attractive question.

Firstly, for a successful social media giveaway, you need the best design. Also, keep in mind that your giveaway post is not about the contest announcement. You will have to collect comments as well as a winner selection. It is highly necessary to get as much reaction as you can.

Since the graphics are much crucial so, try not to overlook the hashtags or post captions. In order to get user attention and algorithms, you need to optimize the written message.

  • Use relevant keywords
  • Keep your message simple and easy
  • Don’t force the users to jump through hoops.
  • Ask an open-ended question to promote comments.
  • Add a legal disclaimer, also add short links directed to terms and conditions.
  • Use industry-relevant hashtags.
  • Start with branded hashtags if you want to run regular giveaways.  

You need hashtag generator to find all kinds of relevant and popular hashtags. 

Sponsored Posts for Better Reach

To run a giveaway, there are two main reasons:

  • Give Incentive to your existing audience.
  • Grab new followers and customers.
  • Your strategy depends on your goal. However, it is always worth supporting your giveaway post.

Have a look:

In a case, you want to grab the attention of new followers, for this promoted and sponsored posts can make palpable sense. On the other hand, if you are not interested in the giveaway to show in your feed, you can use dark posts, so that new people can communicate with them.

In order to support the giveaway post, it might be an offset scheme, if you want to interact with the existing audience. However, some essential reasons are there that you might need to support the post.


 Social networks are limiting brand engagement more and more. Don’t forget to use sponsored posts if you really want your followers to see the contest.


 If you need real and long-run engagement, then it is good to plan for the targeted audience. Choose a niche award and send out particular posts.

Age Limitations

If your brand or service is age receptive, then sponsored posts are the secured way to restrict the audience for the giveaway.

Location Limitations

Several countries have different rules and regulations for online sponsorships. Or else you may have to pay for global transport. Use promoted posts so that local followers can have an opportunity to win the award.

How to Pick a Winner and Finish Up the Giveaway

So, do you have any idea about how you would pick up a winner and finishing the giveaway? Most social media giveaways stay open for a few days only. However, you must continue sharing updates and splashing the contest all the way through that precise space just to maximize reach and interaction.

At your disposal, you must use all the social media tactics. Use Facebook as well as Instagram Stories to run a live countdown. Work on the best replies you got on Twitter. Add a video to the IGTV channel.

To pick up a winner, continue with the social media blitz going on. While commenting, people can yet collaborate with you. The final moment must be as exciting as possible and don’t write a text post or tag the winner. It is all worth doing because nobody can resist using social media giveaways.