My Glass Removed from Play Store Ahead of Google Glass Apps Shut Down


Google last year, announced that its first-party Mirror apps for Google Glass will no longer work starting in February 2020. The app is no longer available on the Google play store a few days ahead of the removal.

The removal comes ahead of apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Hangouts. Both apps will no longer support Glass after February 25, 2020.

Google Glass is an enterprise product for factories and other similar environments.

The Google glass app allowed you to set-up Glass and manage Glassware apps from Google and third-party developers. It would also let you see captured photos, Screencast, control notifications, and other settings.

Additionally, the app would intuitively fit into your workflow and helps you remain engaged and focused on high-value work by removing distractions. Using voice commands, you can activate the right application for you at any time.

My Glass app could as well connect you with coworkers in an instant, bringing expertise to the right where you are through a live video stream so you can collaborate and troubleshoot in real-time

Its last update on android was in 2017 and August for iOS. And one final update late 2019 for Explorer Version that removes the need and ability to use your Google account on Glass. However, the update could only be installed manually.

This update was intended for Glass units that are signed out of Google or reset to factory conditions although only the basic settings will be available for February.

Noting from google,” There’s a diploma of nuance as to what this software program replace does.

Available functionality after the deadline will include. Pairing directly to your phone over Bluetooth, taking photos, recording videos, and sideloading apps.

Some files, for example, the signed image file, will be officially available until 2022.

There is no clear indication of why google is discontinuing my Glass. However, noting from an article on the Telegraph,  suggests that the pp is googles biggest disappointment as there were no apps to connect.