Jahwaiian Cannabis And Hawaiian Culture


Jahwaiian Cannabis, otherwise known simply as Hawaiian Marijuana, is a prominent tool for those suffering from stress, anxiety, nerves, and depression. The strain does not produce a strong body high, but rather, a subtle and mild extremity high. Where the strain is strong in the mind. Known to create a happy, confident, and stressor free consciousness that will increase focus, determination, and creativity. As an added bonus, many report the urge to talk and laugh due to intense feelings of euphoria. It is important to note that Hawaiian weed is purely a Sativa strain. Covered in orange hairs, the plant is coloured a brilliant light green. Expect large, dense, and compact buds. When smoked, the presence of a sweet citrus aroma is present, along with a variety of flavours that many deem tropical. Interestingly enough, Hawaiian weed is often a factor in the creation of hybrid strains, most likely due to its 20% THC content. Hawaiian weed is an incredibly popular strain, with its popularity growing more and more each day. 

An Excellent Hawaiian Security System

Hawaii is home to many weed farmers, but one, in particular, stands out among the rest. This specific farmer is special not just because he’s farming weed, but because he uses cows to protect his crop. He believed that his old security system wouldn’t do nearly enough to stop invaders from stealing his crop, as thieves tend to be resourceful and cunning. Considering this Hawaiian farmer worked tediously to get his medical crop license, it should come as no surprise that a less than perfect security system was not something he would settle on. Here is where it gets interesting. The farmer contacted a local cattle rancher, and they discussed the possibility of the cattle rancher housing some of his cattle on the weed farmer’s land. That way, the cattle rancher would get free use of the land, and the weed farmer would have the cows to eat away at the shrubbery and keep a clear line of sight available to him. The deal was struck, and now cows across forty acres of land are hard at work protecting the Jahwaiian Cannabis plants. Also, the weed farmer decided to put up signs declaring the cows as angry bulls, and that they would attack anyone who entered the premises. Afterall, he couldn’t rely on the actions of the cows alone considering they don’t much other than eat away at the shrubs and sleep during the night. 

Hawaiian Culture

The story about a weed farmer using the various resources available to him through his social network is a prominent theme throughout most of Hawaii. A society where people share, collaborate and work together on projects big and small. The weed farmer spoken of above one day decided to set up security feeds of the roads leading to his crops and then shared that security feed with neighbours and other local farmers. The goal being aware of not only what he was doing, but who comes toward the farms and why. This particular farmer is an excellent example of Hawaiian culture. He initially ran a tomato farm, but decided, later on, to get his medical crop and license and provide more natural medicine to his community.