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Solutions for Fuel Retail

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As far as payment technologies develop, Fuel Retail also needs its special digital solution. And one of the most effective is m wallet, created by the Wallet Factory Company. It’s a white label application, so fuel retailers can use such software under its own brand.

When you want to try digital wallet at petrol stations the process should be easy and fast. And one of the most important demands is to have an opportunity to use this soft with different platforms. That’s why mobile wallets for petrol stations are usually developed taking into account this condition.

The main function of such digital software as mobile wallet is to give to clients of petrol stations an opportunity to pay for a fuel not leaving their car. That means to make fueling easier and faster. And this is not the only advantage of mobile application.

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What’s interesting about digital wallet for fuel retail?

This type of white-label application is suitable both for the retailer and for the customer.

  • On the one hand, retailer saves his time and money, because he doesn’t have to develop an app. If you want to have digital wallet of that kind you should pay to specialized company. It will organize everything about the development of this software, and take care of testing, customization and setting all necessary functions.
  •  It’s so easy to have a digital wallet for you as a fuel retailer. In this case you get branded application, ready to use, and with strong security of financial data and of all the payments. And all you need is to order it , describe what you want, and then to pay for application.
  • Such mobile wallet increases you customers’ loyalty, because they will definitely appreciate the high-level service you provide them with. Also information collected by this app can help you to build stronger relationships with your customers.

But if you are a client of fuel retailer you can get even more interesting functions by downloading this app.

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  • Clients of petrol stations can use personalized offers and all advantages of loyalty programs organized by retailer with the help of such app. Collect loyalty points, get the reward, and use the most interesting offers you your retailer – with mobile wallet.
  •  Downloading mobile wallet you can get an access to your own digital fuel card.
  • Also such application helps to make transfers and pre-orders really on the go, saving much of your time.
  •  With digital solution like mobile wallet you even don’t have to leave your car to pay for your fuel. All you need is your phone and your digital wallet.
  • This app has some nice special features, like personalized notifications, digital storage or gifts exchange.
  • Such application offer several advantages like cashless qr-code (used to pay for fuel), different methods for payment, O2O service, cashback etc.

Whether you’re a fuel retailer or a client of petrol station – try all the benefits of mobile wallet.

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Karani Nyamu
Karani Nyamu
Group CEO Verve, one of the leading Software and Systems integrators in East Africa.

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