Helpful Resources to Improve your UI


Let me admit on behalf of all designers that creating an engaging and visually stunning website is not easy. Even for the seasoned designers! We neither have a magic trick nor are our minds a computer that we can come up with the best UI designs all the time. We also have our own saturation points, we also get lost in the maze of designs, and need inspirations to come out of this maze. In short, things are not all bliss and glee in our paradise!

Various factors play their role in making things complicated for us. Well, I am not talking about the mood factor that can get snapped anytime whenever we hit the dead end. We have to consider countless factors to come up with a design that can fall into the category of a great design rather than lingering somewhere between good and satisfactory categories.

So, what do we do in such situations? We neither lookout for a new brain nor give up on designing. We look for resources that can tickle our brains to come up with the best designs. In other words, we look for inspiration!

If you are also a designer who sometimes feel lost, here are some helpful resources to help you come out of this situation:


Let me reveal a designers’ secret: sometimes, we have to follow this saying that all new ideas are a mix of pre-existing ideas. And MephoBox helps you here! It is basically a catalog of different sites and site elements with a beautiful interface. Like, if you have forgotten that what an inspiring call for newsletter looks like, MephoBox can help you recall it.

Boxes and Arrows:

Boxes and Arrows is one of the best UI design blogs out there. First, this blog itself has an inspiring interface; simple, clear, and easy to navigate. Besides that, this blog feeds your brain very inspiring content about the innovations, practices, and discussion regarding designing. The good thing is that if you also have something to say or share, you can also contribute your own article here.

DesignTalks by InVision:

DesignTalks is a go-to solution when you need design advice from industry pros. It has many webinars of professional leaders of the designing world, and they pour out their experience in these webinars. You don’t have to be a beginner to learn from these webinars; even seasoned designers can also learn something new from them – they are that enriched!


If you are looking for a daily dose of something related to designing, Dribbble is for you. It is like a community of web, graphic, interaction, logo, user interface designers, illustrators, and typographers who showcase their work to others for inspiration or to get reviews. It might take some time to become a part of the Dribbble’s private communities, but you can surely get some inspiration from there.

So, now you know some of the designing resources that can help you get inspiration whenever you hit the dead end.