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How Office Automation Can Positively Impact Your Company

We’ve seen the movies: Star Wars, RoboCop, Terminator, the Matrix, and more. We’ve heard they’re coming, they’re growing! And we’ve been prepared. Or, at least, we’ve tried to be. But the time is now. The robots are here. And they’re everywhere: in our phones, our security systems, our restaurants, and our offices. And it’s not as bad as we thought it would be. Specifically, our smart devices and different types of office automation have been helpful in increasing efficiency and convenience. We keep hearing how automation is bad but how can office automation actually benefit your business and employees?

What is Office Automation? Advantages of Office Automation  

Office automation refers to computer machinery and software that can create, share, collect, and store data and information as needed. Certain types of automation may also perform menial and mundane tasks that an employee would otherwise be asked to do. Some kinds of office management may include:

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  • Tools or apps for increasing productivity, such as printers
  • Content or project management systems that store and share work produced by teams
  • Internet and intranet access
  • Virtual office phone systems
  • Business software programs
  • Data processing and management
  • Security and privacy

Every company already uses some form of office automation to complete tasks. For example, marketing teams use project management systems to keep track of projects and clients. They also use automated email marketing to send out reminders, promotions, and informational emails. And they may subscribe to a lead generator or database. Additionally, they study search engine optimization (SEO) tactics like keyword strengths and website ratings through A.I.-charged applications. And further, they use those services to analyze metrics and reports. 

Office automation can complete all of these tasks in a quick and easy manner. Automating or using software to complete repetitive tasks can free up space for humans to focus on more valuable tasks. Additionally, this is preferred because it reduces the time spent and errors made.

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Increased Efficiency, Quality, Productivity, Accuracy

Robots don’t need to break for food, bathroom, or sick days. And so, office automation can achieve more in less time than humans. And, it does so with accuracy and efficiency. This way, your product quality increases. Additionally, you can use automation for reminders, task details, and more. For example, you could have an A.I. personal assistant or use Google Assistant or Siri to schedule important meetings and appointments and remind you of upcoming tasks.

Safety and Security

Automation can also do a better job monitoring unusual cyber activity and alerting when something is out of place. And with its ability to track and store information and records, the origin of the problem can easily be identified. On the other hand, office automation does not only accomplish simple, repetitive tasks but can also tackle difficult and dangerous ones. For example, a factory setting that involves chemical exposure, sharp blades, welding, and more can utilize automation, instead of exposing humans to such conditions. 

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Reduce Costs and Increase Employee Value

By automating simple and tedious manual tasks, you will be saving time and, in turn, money. Consider this: instead of having one of your employees spend hours filing and sorting through data, you could have a content management system do so. And then, allow your employees to focus on their professional specialties. They can engage their critical and creative thinking skills, instead, offering sentient insight and knowledge no robot ever could. And such engagement may prove to be a more satisfying and enriching job experience. With tools like project management systems, there is less room for repetitive, time-consuming, routine tasks. This leads to a more productive work ethic with the predictability of results.

Your Own C3PO: Automation Can Become Your Best Friend

Instead of fearing office automation, consider that it aims to reduce costs and increase convenience and efficiency, and the goal becomes acceptable. The recommendation, then, is to embrace new technology and new advancements and see how you can benefit from the inevitable.


Meryl D’Sa is a professional writer contributing to the business, travel, and fashion industries. In her spare time, she conducts interviews with writers and writes book reviews of books she believes everyone striving for change should read.

This article was submitted by Global Call Forwarding, a virtual communications provider offering virtual numbers and VoIP phone solutions.

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