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Kenya’s Afya Rekod launches an AI-based medical records platform to help fight Coronavirus

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Kenya’s Afya Rekod, a healthtech startup has launched an AI and Blockchain built consumer-driven health data platform to help fight Coronavirus in Kenya.

Afya Rekod aims to capture real-time users’/patients’ health data; drive connectivity and engagement between patients, doctors and other health care providers amidst the global coronavirus pandemic.

This advanced system is built to help users store their own health data, access health information and connect to health service providers was set to launch end of July 2020.

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In a statement, founder and CEO of Afya Rekod John Kamara said, “The platform is AI driven and uses various AI modules to help detect abnormalities, detect early out breaks and monitor mobility and evolution of diseases via timely data analytics.”

The medical data storage platform allows patients to store their health records such as medication, disease history among others in real-time giving access to both the patients, their doctors and health service providers . With the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, there is need for a centralized health management system to enable people to update their own records, anytime, anywhere, in multi formats.

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Corona infections are growing and monitoring the growth in real-time is necessary. By collecting user-generated information from millions of users across multiple geographic locations the platform allows for sufficient data analysis in support of the global efforts to curb the disease.

“Afya Rekod comes at a crucial time when the world is experiencing one of the biggest pandemics of its generations and we need to monitor the movement and evolution of the virus very closely to determine the changing nature of symptoms among other things.” further stated Kamara.

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The growing digitization of health care at a time when the world is required to isolate provides an unprecedented opportunity for the world to come together and unite in efforts.

Afya Rekod is currently in discussions with various entities across governments and developing partners to explore how their efforts can be accelerated urgently for Covid 19.

The platform presents a unique ability to address critical emerging health needs as it has a differentiated product that is centered around the most important entity in a health equation, an individual/a patient which presents a rapidly growing opportunity to launch an AI engine that solves and help the world prevent and monitor the spread of global pandemics like Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19).

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