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Uber introduces feature to help drivers find other work in the COVID-19 crisis

Uber has introduced a new feature “The Work Hub” to help drivers earn money through the company’s other ventures like Uber Eats or haul freight with companies tracking business.

The feature allows drivers can use to receive orders, pick up a shift from Uber’s temporary work program Uber works or respond to an opening from over a dozen other companies that are looking to hire.

Uber is among the companies that have been hard by the Coronavirus pandemic globally with a drop of up to 70 per cent in service delivery. Among them, is the temporary service suspension in Uganda following the 14-day lockdown.

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There has been a significant drop in ride-hailing services globally following the lockdown and social distancing directive. For instance, in Kenya. Ride-hailing services have been limited to 5:00 am to 7:00 pm following the government’s directive on the night curfew. Normally, Uber drivers operate 24 hours with the curfew their less time to operate.

As well, the introduction of social distancing to flatten the curve of infection. Which has tremendously led to a steep drop in the services.  For example in Seattle, the services have dropped down by almost 70 per cent. With a similar decline in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

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The Work Hub is designed to help drivers find new opportunities while mostly keeping them working within Uber’s ecosystem. There also has been a spike in Uber Eats especially now that people are fully at the home. The most things that re need are food medicine and other necessities.

Also, Uber Freight is looking for drivers with commercial driver’s licenses to help with freight hauling. The company has identified 240,000 regular drivers with CDLs. Uber will expedite interested drivers’ onboarding and connect them to carriers through the Hub.

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The company is working to partner with dozens of other companies to cover every drive looking to earn.  Through its Uber Works program available in the west,  the company is working with staffing companies in Chicago, Dallas, and Miami to connect drivers with temporary work in grocery, food production, and supply chain businesses that are staffing up.

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