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How To Deal With A Damaged GoPro Video Memory Card?

It is almost impossible to talk about video making without referring to a GoPro camera.  It’s a high-resolution camera that’s not only lightweight but shoots top quality footage from different angles. GoPro is a highly used device in sports videography and photography. GoPro MP4 videos are stored in the Gopro video memory card.

However, not every memory card is compatible with the GoPro camera. Given the quality of this camera device, it can only work better with a top-quality video memory card with such features as high speed, large space, and high reliability.   

Talking of a high video memory card speed, the most appropriate one should at least have a minimum class of 10.  In other words, it should be able to write 10mb data per second. The highest speed should be 90mbs data per second.

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What Can Trigger GoPro sd Card Corrupting Files?

Generally, GoPro videos are high definition. Hence, having to deal with a GoPro corrupt file is not only heartbreaking, but it can kill your passion for video making. This is so, in case your corrupt Gopro mp4 file is severely damaged and cannot be fixed. Even with the best GoPro mp4 repair tools, there are corrupt Video Memory card files that can be beyond repair. 

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GoPro videos are prone to corruption, especially if they are mishandled. Here are the main causes of most GoPro clips corruption cases;

  • Malicious Spyware; if you have an infected Mac or computer, your GoPro mp4 files will get corrupted immediately you transfer them from your GoPro camera to the PC. The malicious software will feast on your files until they can’t play.
  • Memory card failure; as earlier long pointed out, you should only buy the right video memory card for your GoPro mp4 files. This is because a corrupt or damaged memory card will corrupt freshly recorded videos. 
  • Failure to safely remove your video memory card from the GoPro camera; the video camera should be handled with utmost care. Otherwise, it will corrupt your GoPro video clips in case it’s not ejected safely from your camera. Forceful ejection can damage all the files saved. 
  • Unanticipated Break while transferring the video clips from GoPro camera to your laptop. 
  • An interruption during video transfer can make your GoPro files corrupted. The interruption may be as a result of a power outage or your camera may unexpectedly disconnect from your laptop, causing a break in the process. 

Unfortunately, even with the best GoPro video sd card, you can still experience sd corrupting files. This begs the question of how to uncorrupt video file in your GoPro video memory card.

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How Can I Retrieve My Corrupt Video Files in A GoPro Video Memory card?

First, without a speedy or rather a highly functional video memory card in your GoPro camera, then you will get GoPro files corrupted.  So, find ways of GoPro corrupt file fix. Let’s look at how you can have your video files back;

Use corrupt video memory card repair tools 

Whether you had saved your important GoPro video clips in a video memory card and there are already corrupt, there is no need panicking.  There are several video memory card repairing tools that are capable of performing a GoPro corrupt file fix. One of the most prominent tools is the Wondershare Video Repair tool.  It’s known for its high functionality and effectiveness in repairing sd corrupting files.

Also, the tool repairs all videos safely not to mention that it supports a broad range of video formats. Your video memory card file will assume its original state. Wondershare Video Repair is capable of the following;

  • Performs GoPro mp4 repair on corrupted files through rebuilding the header, duration, frame, sound, and movement. 
  • GoPro corrupt file fix on Windows such as 3GP, ASF, M4V, MOV, MP4, as well as F4V
  • Allows you to preview repaired sd card corrupting files using compatible formats
  • Initiates GoPro corrupt file fix on Windows and OSX Operating System
  • Fixes Video memory card files as well as corrupt videos stored in other devices such as hard drives, DVD and so on.

How To Uncorrupt an sd Card Video File Using Wondershare Video Repair Tool

Step one; you start by downloading and launching WonderShare Video Repair Software on your laptop. Make sure you retrieve the corrupted file from your video memory card to your computer.  On the Video repair tool, click on the “Add” option to uploaded the sd corrupting files.

Step two; Select the video memory card corrupted files then click on the ‘repair’ option to initiate the process.

Step 3; Preview your repaired video memory card file; this tool allows you to preview your repaired clip before saving it. You can only preview after the whole process is done.

Step 4; save the repaired video clip; having previewed the clip, you can now click on the save option. The repaired clip will be saved in a location of your choice. After the repaired file is successfully saved, the tool will alert you. Also, you can follow this process whenever you want your GoPro corrupt file fixed.

With that said, you now know to uncorrupt a video file in your GoPro video memory card. Implement what you have read here and get all your favorite GoPro videos back.

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