Items needed to survive in the wild


On a fine morning, what if you wake up and feel your back on a harder surface than your bed. All of the luxuries of your room have perished and you are surrounded by rough bushes and tall mystic trees. No buildings, no offices, no honking horns of traffic, and whistle blows of a policeman, it’s just a misty jungle and you, with a bag hanging with its belt in your shoulder. Let us tell you that there are all of the essential items needed to survive in the wild, in that bag. What would be the items in the bag you can think of, that can save your life? Your survival depends upon the items of your imagination. But the question is, why would that even happen?


People often go to wild places to get rid of the static routines of this hasty life. They have always taken the wilderness as a challenge to test their tamper and to spend some time with themselves as well as the origin of their life. If you got time to find the mysteries of the wild, don’t be worried, take us as your companion as if we cannot go with you, we would love to tell the equipment that can best accompany you to survive the lethal loneliness. Here are some of the equipment that is essential to be in that bag.


1- Ham Radio – to keep track

If you got a bunch of strong-headed friends with you to the go wild, Ham radio must go with all of you. These are the best devices to work in the wilderness where none of the cellular networks leaves you alone. A strong ranged with heavy batteries ham radio can serve your group best to keep track if anyone goes missing. Other than that, ham radio also helps you to keep everyone informed in the dark of nights as well. A battery as powerful as 2000mAh in ham radio can make it work longer than you imagine. Here you can find the best handheld ham radio for survival in the wilderness.


2- A multipurpose knife – not to go completely mad

Having a multipurpose knife in the wilds of the jungle or a desert is nothing criminal as it serves you the most. Not only to protect yourself from harmful entities of the wilderness but it also acts as a saw to gather food and works as a kitchen knife as well. It also helps you cleanse the bushes you often get in your way. You may also cut tree branches with it to lit up a bonfire night in the darkest, coldest nights of the jungle and you also need a drone camera there to capture these valuable moments. 


3- A sleeping bag – as you gotta Sleep somewhere 

A sleeping bag in the wild is as essential as any other lifesaving item because a restless sleep is much harmful than less quantity of food. A good quality, insulated sleeping bag helps you to sleep motionless while it is serving as an absorber to restrict moisture that is reaching you from beneath and from the air as well. Plus, a sleeping must be breathable as well to prevent the moisture of your breaths, from taking over the inside. Finding a lightweight sleeping bag with the above mentioned characteristics is a task as well because trust me you don’t want to burden up your rucksack. 


4- A Cooking Pot – Because, man! you need to cook

Imagine if you have everything essential for survival. You get your hands on a handful of tasty fish with the help of a net, and then you chopped it off with a knife, and now you know that you don’t have a cooking pot to cook it. Or in the coldest hours of the night when your stomach is craving for a warm cup of coffee and you are just informed that cooking pot is forgotten at home. That is the situation that can exactly be happening so make sure that you have a multipurpose pot to cook anything in it. 


5- A Water Bottle – it keeps you hydrated 

To keep going the longest walks into the wilderness, a bottle of water is your best friend, of course, not being empty. You seldom got fresh, drinkable water in wild places like deserts or the mountains. Jungles also have a few places where you find a freshwater spring or a drinkable water stream. So, store it as much in the bottle as it takes you to your next campsite. Being hydrated is essential to progress, otherwise, all other items won’t do the purpose if you do not have water to drink. 

These are a few, but the most essential items needed to survive in the wild. Plan your trip and explore other necessities as well. Go wild, explore nature and explore the hidden sparks within you.