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Our Guide to Boys Formal Shirts

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Formal shirts have a very important role in styling any boys suits like an expert. Unfortunately, it can seem like any formal shirt will do when parents don’t know the details that make up a suitable shirt, but there is no running from it. If you want to pick a formal shirt that will flatter your boy’s suit with class, you may need to understand more about the fit, material, cuffs, and collars of a formal shirt. This harry styles shirt elements have specific impressions that can make kids suits a top-notch choice or a failure of fashion taste. So, follow through the easy guide below that will help you be extra aware of the shirt that your little boy needs.

Fit and Material:

The fit of a formal shirt can be observed in several areas. Of course, firstly, pick a shirt that has a suitable size for your boy’s age and body. But, while you pick the size, make sure you also get the collar size that will be comfortable for his neck. You can be certain that the collar is suitable if you are able to get a finger comfortably between his neck and the collar. As for the fit style, a slim shirt will always give a smart and sharp look to the overall suit whereas a more comfortable with extra fabric in sleeves and body shape will dress your child in a contemporary style. Whichever you choose, do not ignore the factor of material as you can be interested in knowing which type will be perfect for an event. The seriously formal shirts are ones made from twill. This is a material with a heavy texture that is tailored with fancy Herringbone and diagonal patterns. That means it’s the best option for very formal and attractive wear. Other common shirts are made from Broadcloth material, which is what most of the shirts are made from. Pick this material for a smooth and flattering simple style for your boy.

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Button-Down Collars

Sometimes a tie isn’t the only adorable and charming thing about a boy’s wear on some occasion. A unique replacement can be a shirt with button-down collars. These collars have buttons at the very tips that should be fastened all the way to the top, and for that reason, a tie is hardly necessary. But, this style remains informal because of its laidback look. So, make sure you pick it for casual events.

Spread Collars

This is a type of collars that are suitable for modern suits for boys. With their spread tips, they allow for more space at the chest area and combine comfort with charm in a suit.

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But, you can pick a specific width that appeals to you if you don’t need excessively spread collars.

Point Collars

Point collars are a very catchy element in any traditional suit. They are not only neutral in more common suits but also refined with fancy suits. They have pointed tips that are neither long nor small, and a classic timeless look that serves perfectly for all types of ties.

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Button Cuffs

The cuffs of any shirt will also reflect many styles and degrees of formality. Button cuffs, for example, are the most used because of how versatile and more relaxed they can be. Consisting only of a single cuff, they also feature either three or two vertical buttons for formal suits or a single button for the least formal wear. These types of cuffs are useful for a majority of suits, and they are helpful for any kind of weather or occasion.

French Cuffs

Unlike the previous ones, French cuffs are folded and then fastened to cuff links instead of buttons. They are seen as the most refined and highly formal cuffs to wear. So, to include a shirt with these cuffs in his wardrobe is to guarantee elegant wear for your little gentleman.

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