Apple will soon let you unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask


Apple is working on an iPhone update, iOS 13.5. That will let you unlock your phone even when wearing a face mask when face ID may not work. Wearing a facemask currently is a health requirement.

The update comes after iPhone users raised concerns on Twitter about Face ID refusing to unlock their phones when they have the facemasks on. Normally, Face ID works by projecting 30,000 invisible dots over your face to create a depth map, meaning it’s looking for areas like your nose and mouth each time it attempts to unlock your phone.

A beta version of the update is currently available for developers. Which should be rolled out to the rest of the users once it’s ready. The new beta also comes with new software from Apple. That will make it easier to build apps to notify people if they have been near somebody infected with COVID-19.

The update also introduces the first version of the tools required by the Public Health authorities to provide exposure notification as part of Apple’s and Googles contact tracing system. Apple is also making an update to FaceTime. Which will let users control whether the tiles automatically change size whenever a call participant speaks.

Users with iPhones that support Face ID will be able to access the passcode field by swiping up from the bottom of the lock screen.  If you have Face ID turned on. Your iPhone will first identify your face before presenting the option to type in your passcode.

Alternatively, the new iOS feature allows you to skip directly to passcode if you have a mask on. This is according to a Twitter user @kifleswing who commented on the update.

this addition means you will be able t unlock your phone easily especially when running errands especially doing mobile payments.

This new feature will also work when authenticating purchases via Face ID. Or while using apps that support Apple’s facial recognition system for verification.