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Twitter now lets you schedule tweets for up-to 18 months

Twitter has unveiled a new feature that lets you schedule tweets to be published at a specific time. You can schedule your tweets up to a period of 18 months. The feature also allows you to save tweet drafts for later.

The pop-up window includes the time zone, so you can easily understand when the tweet will be published. It also lets you see a list of scheduled tweets, making it easier to plan out multiple tweets and save tweet drafts from its Web app.

Following a post on the Twitter support page, Twitter confirms that you can send tweets at your own pace“Not quite ready to send that Tweet? Now you can save it as a draft or schedule it to send at a specific time all from the Tweet composer!” 

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The add on is ideal for time-conscious people and companies looking save manpower. Especially with the current uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the feature is timely for companies who don’t want to have their employees on site. The tweets once scheduled, they will automatically publish without the necessity to be online or having [people work in shifts to have them done.

The scheduled Tweets allow one to tweet without being online or having staff working in shifts on evenings, weekends, holidays, or other inconvenient times. Users also have the time and flexibility to plan content in advance especially for events or product launches.

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